Ge Tao two photos of the wrong note for up to forty years of Lu Xun 660003

Ge Tao: two photographs of the wrong note for up to forty years [Abstract] this error has been calculated from 1976, but also for the past 40 years, but has not been fully recognized by the. In July 27, 1982 the "people’s Daily" published "Lu Xun and Asano" to a copy of the article, the allotment of the photograph is a Cultural Relics Publishing House published in 1976 "Lu Xun" on the 102nd picture picture, but the picture was in the "Lu Xun" photo editor income set (Zhou Haiying, Qiu Sha) Asano to be cut off a single picture of Lu Xun. The number "eleven" magazine (April 1936) Japanese comments published on the original (Asano) of the "win" the close to Mr. Lu Xun scanning, this paper from the following allotment photos of Lu Xun see the January Showa eleven years, the photography "text, so as to confirm the" Lu Xun "photo album the 100th picture is this picture, so this photo shoot is shallow to wild, shooting time is January 9, 1936. Author: Ge Tao from Cultural Relics Publishing House in August 1976 since the publication of "Lu Xun" photos, domestic have published more than about Lu Xun’s photos, and more about Lu Xun’s picture book, although these photos of Lu Xun and picture books are some of the famous Lu Xun expert on or around the Lu Xun memorial hall the authorities compiled, but unfortunately, there are two photos of Lu Xun is often the wrong note shooting time and shooting, the error from 1976, there are 40 years, but has not received adequate attention. Lu Xun, a Beijing Museum and published in the 1976 edition of "Lu Xun in 1881 – 1936" photos first note wrong two photos of Cultural Relics Publishing House published in August 1976 the "Lu Xun" photos, named Beijing Lu Xun Museum editor, but the actual editor is Zhou Haiying and Jo sha. In the book "photo" part of 100th images and 102nd pictures made the following comments: (100) after recovering from illness in the mainland village apartment door taken one of the (5.5×4) March 23, 1936 in Shanghai in March two, Tan Smedley photo "……. The afternoon had asthma, please doctor Sudo to visit, a shot." Eight days of the week. Sunny. The wind. Uchiyama Kimi visit in the morning, and donated two pots, no……. Dr. Sudo came to see the doctor." Eleven days of rain……. White mang poems "Haier tower" preface." "The twenty-three day. Received in the morning "transformation" (April)……. PM (Note: Smedley) and their friends, and each of the flowers. Was Mrs sun letter, and a confectionery three, a box of tea. The night for Japanese." If Lu Xun can survive, I still have to learn……" "At the end of · and booth essays a Xu Maoyong and about; the Anti Japanese United Front problem" (102) after recovering from illness in the mainland village apartment door taken by two (5.5×4) in March 23, 1936 in Shanghai Smedley photo editor in the "postscript" in the book said: the repertoire of 114 photos of Lu Xun (including local amplification of twelve frames). Taking into account the extremely precious photos.相关的主题文章: