Hallelujah For Bunk Beds – What A Difference They Make!-roxane hayward

Shopping-and-Product-Reviews Before we dive into the great things about bunk beds let’s talk history for a moment. Europeans had similar set ups where the master would sleep on top and his servant would sleep underneath. Although the design was totally different and of course no color or choices were available the technique and same concept was there. Then there were the Egyptians who used fur like material to create a top sleep area and second of the same underneath for another person to sleep. So as you can see the thought processes were similar because they had to make do with the space that they had or to keep an eye on the servants as in the case of the Europeans. Today’s time is no different – these beds are space savers and really neat for having close knit families. More of this should be done because it forces kids to interact and get to really know their siblings verses their own separate room where doors are slammed and before long you have grown kids that speak in passing by but continuing to doing things on their own – not family oriented at all unless you as the parent have incorporated family time in the routine of things. Bunk beds save space and this is an important issue when you have more than one child with limited bedrooms. Fitting two kids .fortably in a room is ideal because not only do they learn to get along but it saves money when an extra bedroom is not in the budget. Then there are even some sets that .e with the drawers underneath. Oh wow we are talking major saving space with these types of bunk beds. Can I hear a hallelujah on this one? It makes it fun for the kids because they feel like it’s their very own and they are responsible for keeping their things in their drawer away from the other child. This helps you as a parent because not only do they have a bed to sleep in but they have room for their clothes. Whoever thought of this idea had to have had kids and knew how much this would help parents in similar situations. Let’s talk about another great moment with these beds – they .e in various shapes and styles including wood or metal, with ladders that curve or go from top to bottom. They even have beds that .e with desks attached to one end which means now the kids can sleep, put up their clothes and do homework. Let’s keep it going! As with anything there are safety issues and making sure your child plays by the rules, sleeps by the rules, then you are good to go with your new bed. The first thing to do is to age appropriate children in the right place. Usually the older kids sleep at top which keeps the younger kids from falling out while asleep. Most beds .e with rails – it is good to use them so make sure when the bed is put up the rails are used, regardless of how old the child is because in the midst of a bad dream even an older child can fall out. What about the savvy male/female that is good with their hands and made A’s in wood shop in school? They can make their own beds as long as they make sure they have the proper tools and equipment to secure the bed is a major plus. But if you are like the average citizen who just wants to purchase a sturdy bed already together then you have the perfect thing going for you. You can even find one that matches the rest of your furniture because it .es in all colors and different wood types as well. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: