Hammer T3 production will have a lot of cattle X new technology – Sohu digital stand by me shinee

Hammer T3 production will have new bovine X technology – a lot of Sohu [news] Chinese digital mobile phone today, most manufacturers have updated the flagship product line, but the hammer has not released update any products, so what time Luo announced the hammer T3 release time has become the most concern. Now, Luo officially fed a reassurance, personally exposed some important information of the hammer T3. Screenshot micro-blog Luo said that the current online said basic is the rumor, specific should refer to the T3 Conference on the hammer extension like the rumors. In addition, Luo said hammer T3 has started production in Shenzhen, while he himself in Shenzhen, ready to return to Beijing after. As for the conference, Luo said to be safe to T3 booked two city, finally will probably be held in Shanghai, then prepared a lot of bovine X "to blow for everyone to hear, but what are the estimated only announced at the press conference. Hammer T3 let you wait too long, this year for the release of the hammer powder machine is broken heart, now Luo finally announced it will debut, we patiently wait for it, and look forward to the old.相关的主题文章: