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News-and-Society It is easy to refer to the Health Care Reform Act that is currently being enacted as a form of socialized medicine, but it is really much more than that and cannot be simply defined by a simple term. Anyone can label a reform act with easy words, but it is important to look into what exactly this act is going to do for the medicinal world. Who knows if these sweeping changes will do more harm than good, but it has never been tried before. Some people are concerned that the act will increase the amount of time the federal government spends poking its fingers into other people’s personal lives, but others would argue that the federal government has to do something to deal with the health care issues that have many people afraid about their own futures as well as those of their children and other family members. Experts say that the entire health care system and the government will collapse without a good dose of reform. What the government’s intent is down the road can not be predicted or foreseen. However, it does not at this point seem that the government’s intent is to take over the health care system .pletely but to install a system of checks and balances to help keep it on the right track. As a matter of fact they have not actually taken any control away from the independent health insurance .panies in this country but have very simply just regulated the system as it exists. Now some feel as if their parenting of the system is a dangerous thing and that they really need to keep their hands even out of the management portion of the system but doing so could result in some really serious issues down the road. Unfortunately this system is not succeeding on its own anyway and therefore it needs some guidance. It is a system that is on a collision course and is destined for failure unless someone intervenes. The federal government of the United States is attempting to provide more Americans with health insurance for the greater good. Eliminating insurance denials and pushing through claims, extending health insurance plans and decreasing the limits on current policies are all part of the Health Care Reform Plan. It seems as if everyone just wants to focus on the negatives and the slight increase in health insurance premiums that people are feeling initially. Overtime these proposed changes hold the hope of saving individuals quite a bit of money and help to provide health insurance coverage to everyone across the board. And it is with that thought that Americans need to embrace the changes in the health care system and hope for the best. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: