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"Hearthstone" Super League match 64 golden autumn birth — Sina hearthstone area 2016 "hearthstone" Super League gold autumn race weekend for the final qualification, in Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, the Chengdu and Wuhan 5 match points for two consecutive days of competition, there are 39 A China hearth top master deus ex, entered into the autumn season race list. On the two day of qualifying, dozens of well-known occupation athletes from across the country and more than 200 folk deities participated in the competition, and the 4 Chinese last year on behalf of the players BlizzCon hearthstone World Championships were also in the race for the fight. Finally, adream and Zoro out of regret, swing and love brother Chen Xiao courageously reached the list of 64 National People’s congress. In the well-known players, WE, in the emperor, perseverance, Tong Fu Magic wind and small so smoothly into the race, which is of concern by the snooze shaman and destroy god, tile Niang and so on contestants eliminated gouzei misfortune. It is worth mentioning that, in the qualifying we saw a lot of joining the game player, super league players including the familiar white Ze, two consecutive reached the open top 32 ten pound of soy sauce etc.. It is a pity that the woman eventually regrets stop qualifying game player, not to have the first female game player reached the world championships of suspense. So far, the golden autumn season Super League top 64 players have all the players born next week on September 5th -6 13:00 daily in Shanghai for the 16 places to the finals in Beijing, welcome the attention game game player. The qualifying event video and comments will be aired on August 29th -31 18:00 every day, welcome to watch the exciting content. Click the fall tournament: (click) Monday broadcast games: Triny, CLZoro, announced on Monday, Chen Xiao love butterfly dream of upcoming games, players love Chen Xiao and the last Carnival in Wuhan staged a love to kill butterfly dream match; wit Wuhan Open champion swing brother Quxianjiuguo, a Shanghai game Deus ex. Notice: the blue fox Tuesday game broadcast, Li Bo, NewbeeXZ (ash), the emperor will be broadcast on Tuesday. In the game, the fierce competition — fox flap, master Li Bo Beijing west side will win the game match; Emperor lost in life, the group of losers ruthless kill sister promotion. Wednesday’s game broadcast notice: gouzei, magic wind, shaman, tile Niang and small circle, a summer night, the future husband will be broadcast on Wednesday in the game, star studded, the famous Shanghai rush points: Shaman, tile Niang not enemy Oriental mysterious forces, were eliminated; Yi Jin, nocturnal wind magic, roundlet the last laugh, smoothly into the top 64. The golden autumn Super League match 64 remaining players spring champion Breath; eStarJasonZ, XHope, summer quarter finals EDGbingxuan, BHxHYsilence, Sleeping, Zhang Bo, Tong Fu good student, SHRo.相关的主题文章: