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Reference-and-Education The police officer selection process can be very difficult to pass. Unless that is, the candidate prepares him/herself in a thorough and focused manner. To begin with, the UK police officer application process consists of a number of different elements including an initial application form, an assessment centre and a final interview. There is also a pre joining fitness test to pass which assesses an applicant’s strength and aerobic capacity. The application form is where the majority of people who want to be police officer’s fail. Only 1 out of every 7 applicants will make it through this initial stage. In order to pass the application form they applicants must first of all learn the core competencies that are relevant to the role. By using keywords and phrases in response to the competency based questions they will have a far greater chance of succeeding. Once they have successfully passed the interview stage they must then take on the National Recruitment Assessment Centre. This consists of two 20 minute written exercises, a numerical and verbal reasoning test, four interactive role plays and a competency based interview. During the assessment centre the applicant will be once again assessed against the police officer core competencies. If they achieve a ‘D’ grade in the core competency of respect for race and diversity then they will fail the entire selection process. As you can see therefore, it is crucial that the applicant uses the core competencies as a basis for their preparation. Many people find that the Role Play exercises are the hardest part of the police assessment centre. In the build up to selection I strongly recommend that an applicant tries out a number of ‘mock’ role play scenarios with a friend or a relative. This will enable them to enhance their skills and put the core competencies into practise. Once an applicant has successfully passed the National Police Officer Assessment centre they may also have to attend a final interview. Many UK Police Force’s are now using final interview’s as a tool to assess candidates outside of the core competencies. In the build up to the final interview an applicant should prepare by researching the role of a police officer and researching the force that they are applying to join. They should also learn and understand the Policing Pledge and how it affects their local community. Community Policing is very much at the forefront of today’s UK Police Force’s. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: