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Business The image of your brand is determined by the experience customers have at every touch point. Whether the customer has found your website through a search engine, or through a friend who shared your Facebook page, each interaction is an opportunity to grow the relationship between you and your target market. Digital catalogs present .panies with a unique opportunity to build a favorable brand image, and grow its relationships with customers. Whether the digital catalog successfully establishes a positive brand image however, has much to do with execution. In order for a digital catalog to enhance a .panys brand image, it must showcase high quality products in an effective manner. How To Effectively Showcase Products In A Digital Catalog The user experience of a digital catalog plays a significant role in the perception a user .es away with. If the catalog is confusing and low quality, the .pany runs the risk of damaging its image. To the contrary, if users are delivered a delightful experience that not only goes smoothly, but presents them with useful information about the products and services they are researching, the benefits can be tremendous. One way to enhance the experience is to present a product create digital catalog as close to its natural form as possible. This can be done by offering a zoom option, along with pictures of the product from multiple vantage points. By creating a shopping experience that makes the user feel as though they are immersed in the product, similar to a brick and mortar shopping experience, users will be more likely to be.e happy customers. When the happy users eventually make their purchase decision, they will be pleased if they can buy it immediately. A well developed create digital catalog will have built in e.merce capabilities that make the purchase simple. By presenting visitors with a fully functional digital catalog that can directly accept payments, brand awareness, and your customer base, will certainly grow. How To Build Your Brand With Increased Exposure If a digital catalog successfully delivers a remarkable user experience, users will want to share their remarks! This means integrating social media sharing options is essential to rounding out the digital shopping experience. Customers and happy users will enjoy quick and easy social media sharing options. You can Create digital magazine as well. This not only helps them increase their clout within their social network, it also helps your organization reach a new audience while being backed by a word of mouth re.mendation. Digital Catalog Case Study A good example of a retailer utilizing a digital catalog to build its brand, and make more sales, is big box retailer Sams Club. Sams Club designed a Christmas season gift catalog. The catalog was created in 32 pages of full color. It is .plete with product images, full descriptions, and the ability to accept payments directly through the catalog. Using the ePaperFlip technology, Sams Club was able to secure more sales during the high volume holiday season, while buildings its brand and delivering an enjoyable shopping experience. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: