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UnCategorized It’s never too late to rediscover our natural creative abilities, and if we make the effort to use more of our mental powers and utilise some of these dormant abilities, it can have a dramatic positive impact on our lives. These abilities usually aren’t lost, more likely we just don’t consciously recall how to use them, due to lack of use over the years since our childhood. There are many different things we can do to reactivate our creative abilities. Being curious and questioning things is how we learn as children, and this can also help to expand our minds as adults. Pastimes and activities that gave us great pleasure when we were young can be all but lost or forgotten along the way. Perhaps you loved drawing or building models or some other creative skill that you haven’t touched in years? Rediscovering things you enjoyed in your past can be a great way to tap into your creativity. Try a different approach to problem solving other than the usual and make yourself look at things from different angles. What would happen if you tried the exact opposite to the first thing that .es to mind? Our minds naturally like to associate one thing to another. However, most of us get stuck in set patterns of thinking dictated by automatic responses and habits, which means we think of fewer and fewer connections. We can stimulate our creativity by making ourselves actively think and respond in different ways. If you have a particularly difficult problem that you can’t work out how to deal with, make yourself write a list of possible solutions. But don’t just write down 2 or 3 ideas, force yourself write down 15 or 20 ideas, even if some of them do seem ridiculous or unworkable. The very last thing you .e up with may be just the answer you need, but even if you settle on one of your first ideas, you’ll feel more mentally stimulated as a result. You’ll be amazed at what you can .e up with, and if you make a habit of doing this it will certainly improve your creativity. You should then select the solution you think will work best, develop it into a plan and take action on it immediately. You can also apply the same technique to any goal, and if you define the problem or goal as specifically as possible, it will help you to .e up with better ideas and answers. For example ‘How can I make more money?’ is unlikely to bring about as many good answers or ideas as ‘How can I increase my in.e by 50% in the next year?’ or ‘How can I raise enough money to buy xxxxxx that I’m determined to have within 3 months?’ In the last example, the more detailed your description and the clearer your vision is of whatever it is you must have, the better it will fire up you imagination and give you ideas. Another way to increase creativity is to take time out to just daydream, or to think about what you want. Some of the greatest thinkers and most successful people in history actually allocated thinking time every day. Daydreaming is one habit that most parents and teachers try to get children out of as soon as possible. I’m not suggesting that you waste your life with your head in the clouds, or that you live in a fantasy world; I-m suggesting that allowing yourself time to think and dream can help to stimulate your creativity. This can often be .bined with another activity you enjoy, like going to the gym, running or walking the dog. Many people also claim to do some of their most inspired thinking whilst engaged in mundane activities like cleaning the house, mowing the lawn or gardening, or even in the shower. One thing you definitely should do that will have a dramatic impact on every area of your life, will be to ensure that most of your thinking is positive. There is absolutely no point in using your time and energy worrying and thinking about things that you don’t want to happen. There is no doubt that we all attract and be.e what we think about most of the time, so if you spend a lot of time worrying about what you don’t want to happen and thinking about your problems, you will just attract more of the same. The way to over.e this and to make your thinking positive is to actively focus on solutions and what you do want. This will also increase your creativity and stoke your imagination. We are all born with more mental abilities and creative powers than we can ever hope to use in our lifetime. If we try to be more childlike (not childish) and curious we can uncover our latent natural creativity and rediscover activities that gave us pleasure when we were young. If we actively take time to think and dream, try to think in new and different ways, and ensure our thinking is positive, we will not only increase our creative powers, but also our ability to deal with day to day life. We will also experience more joy and fulfilment in our lives. ‘Imagination is not a talent of some men but is the health of every man.’ – Ralph Waldo Emerson About the Author: 相关的主题文章: