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UnCategorized Do you sometimes wonder why success is so elusive for some and for others it seems to come in volumes without much of an effort? I think it has a lot to do with your self-esteem and the willingness to leave your comfort zone. Stepping outside your box, how do you make that a reality? Is it all that elusive for the wannabes yearning for personal and financial success? Imagine a box that you have created that surrounds you and you’re standing in the middle of that box. Only you know the limitations the box places on you. Others surmise your limitations, but their perceptions are based on your lack of action and progress. Only you know what holds you back. Only you within your self-contained box know the answer. Is this how most of us live our lives? Operate our business ventures? Existing through life enclosed by our imaginary box where we can see out, but we are held prisoner inside our comfort zone by our personal constraints, hesitant to take action. We are encouraged by network marketing gurus to pursue leaving our comfort zone in order to achieve success. They have a point, but how would one go about it? Success could not be totally out of reach. Leaving your comfort zone is a matter of changing your mindset, becoming more confident and making a concerted effort to believe in yourself and most importantly your abilities to achieve success. One has to visualize themselves letting go of their comfort zone and then of course placing their efforts into action. For one to exit their comfort zone it has to be a slow deliberate process. For example, like having a cheerleader or a partner that is willing to encourage, coach and coax you from the safety of your comfort zone would help the most. This person becomes your strength and mentor. Basically, they hold you accountable for following up on tasks and be a person of action. Your efforts match your word and goals you have for yourself and business. Further, stepping out of your comfort zone can be seen as stepping out on faith and believing in yourself no matter how many times you take on the challenge and fall short. Sometimes, the moment is just not right. What’s great is that we always have the option of a do over . . . to take another opportunity to excel and succeed. You don’t ever throw in the towel. You take one end of the towel and your cheerleader takes the other end. Ask them to hold on tight as they assist you in crossing the threshold of your imaginary comfort zone to realize your potential not only professionally, but personally as well. You have to believe that you are someone who has the desire and aptitude to succeed. However, for one reason or another you have built these imaginary walls around you in order to cope with your life. This does not have to be your curse or a hindrance to your personal growth. It can be a learning experience, something that you can work through slowly realizing your accomplishments as you create positive possibilities for your life. What is admirable is the person that continues to make the effort to cross their imaginary boundaries that bound them in order to test the water. It is like watching a toddler first learning to walk. They stand up, shaky at first and then take a few tentative steps as they hang on to their support which is usually their parents’ hands or a nearby table or chair until they are walking without assistance! And have you noticed that all of them have a smile on their face as they realize what they have accomplished. I don’t know of any sad toddlers once they learn to walk. Successful thinking and taking action can sometimes be buried within us, and it is up to us to search and discover where our success mode is hidden. The will to achieve and succeed is within all of us; it is called the human spirit. We have all seen it in others and have admired their achievements against all odds. We need to know how to tap into that inner spirit which can inspire us all to greatness. Make a commitment to yourself to awaken the giant within and be all that you can be! About the Author: Janice Willingham is an Internet marketer. For information on my businesses: .www.u2canhavesuccess.com/gotakealook.htm, .www.u2canhavesuccess.com/yourheathmatters.htm and .www.u2canhavesuccess.com/creditmatters.htm. Article Published On: ..articlesnatch.. – UnCategorized 相关的主题文章: