In the fierce battle arena Saudi oil is bound to Russia have scruples polartec

In the fierce battle arena: Saudi oil is bound to Russia scruples (original title: fight oil in lakes and rivers) for many OPEC members (OPEC), the end of September to the limiting resolution, it is the last straw. Benefit from this difficult decision, prices steadily upward, some have been on the verge of collapse of the country to get respite. Of course, for Saudi Arabia, this is a very reluctant decision, because the biggest beneficiaries, but it is the most important strategic opponents. This thrilling battle oil arena, originally derived from the Saudi initiative. Saudi Arabia was a major concern is the rise of U.S. shale oil. This is considered to be "game changer" of the new energy, the United States from the world’s largest oil importing countries to achieve energy self-sufficiency, from the future and even become an oil exporter. A large supply of shale oil, but also greatly reduced the Gulf countries in Saudi Arabia, such as oil and lakes in the position, and accelerate the withdrawal of the United States from the Middle East strategic shift. As a result, Saudi power, will be a steady stream of oil into the international market, with the intention of extremely low cost, the high cost of shale oil out of the international market. Oil is a long – term investment field, once the manufacturer is squeezed out, it will cost much time and development. Saudi Arabia is willing to lower prices in exchange for higher market share, which will occupy a more favorable terrain in the future competition. Of course, the conflict with Russia, Syria in the Gulf of Shanghai Arabia national differences with Russia, the parties would like to see more Saudi provoke the price war, so that highly dependent on oil exports to Russia, as the oil price plunged into trouble. To some extent, Saudi Arabia has achieved its purpose. Low cost of Middle East oil in the international market share is increasing, so that the world is facing increasingly dependent on Saudi Arabia and other countries in the Middle East oil risk. From the data, the current production capacity of 31 million barrels of oil in the Middle East, accounting for about 34% of global output, which is the proportion reached its peak in 1975, the highest level since the 36%. But Saudi Arabia has paid a terrible price. Two years ago, it was $more than and 100 worth of oil, and then experienced a slump, the first quarter of this year fell to less than $30 floor price. Russia’s economic crisis (of course, a big reason and Western sanctions), some OPEC countries such as Venezuela, Nigeria is the basic financial depletion, economic crisis positive political crisis and even the whole social unrest. Even in the United States, the energy industry has experienced a brutal reshuffle. From October 2014 to May 2016, the number of oil drilling operations in the United States fell by 80%. Since the beginning of 2015, more than 100 North American oil exploration and production company bankruptcy. Saudi Arabia, such as Saudi Arabia, oil prices plunged its fiscal deficit in 2015 reached a record $96 billion this year, it is estimated to exceed $80 billion. OPEC countries have asked the middle to complain incessantly, rising oil prices, but Saudi Arabia has been reluctant to let go. Because in the Gulf oil producing countries, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Kuwait are Sunni countries, has been strained relations with the Shiite Iran, around the Syria issue, the Yemen issue and.相关的主题文章: