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Business What is Adsense? If you are new to making money online and net marketing, you may not know what Adsense is, much less have heard of Joel .m. Adsense is the "Ads by Google" that appear all over millions of webpages around the net. In the past, Adsense has proved itself to be very profitable, so much so that thousands of people set up websites purely in order to have Adsense on them. In turn, these "spam" sites created a big mess for the search engines and were "slapped" down by changes in the search-engine algorithms. Many of these "black hat" sites ceased to be profitable, while the "white hat" sites have largely endured, albeit many of them experiencing a decrease in in.e. The individuals who put Adsense on their websites are called "publishers," one of the more successful of whom is Joel .m. .m has not only made a fortune publishing Adsense, but he has also written books on the subject that have be.e bestsellers online and off. .m has also created a series of Adsense template websites for others to make money off Adsense. Because of these facts, Joel .m is nicknamed "Dr. Adsense." One of Joel’s books is called "What Google Never Told You About Making Money with Adsense," 199-page behemoth chockfull of techniques and tips. .m leaves almost no stone unturned in this book, which was updated in 2006. In fact, this "Adsense Secrets" book is so thorough as to be a bit plodding, but there’s no question Joel lays down a solid blueprint as to how you can create or increase your Adsense in.e. Even with all the material laying the foundation for a shot at a solid Adsense in.e – or, possibly, much more than that – one gets the feeling that .m is slyly holding back some secrets. One of the major things that .m is good at is creating popular sites, and, as is the case with all business, the more customers or "traffic" you have, the more you will make. One thing is clear: You can no longer create a bunch of low quality sites purely for the purpose of sticking up some ads to make money. With the "Google Slap" directed specifically at that type of site, you will have difficulty getting enough traffic – and the advertisers are generally paying less for "content" sites in any case. Content sites are those published by people and .panies other than search engines, as opposed to search-network sites such as Google and AOL, among others. What Joel .m outlines in "Making Money with Adsense" will take a while to implement, but it is not impossible to make money with Adsense, even with the developments and shakeups of 2006. If you want to just cut to the chase in making money with Adsense and learning it from one .petent source, Joel .m’s book revealing Adsense secrets is one of the best places to start. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: