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Arts-and-Entertainment Whenever you .e across a great sketch of an individual, the first thing that .es to your mind is if you could also be blessed with the way how to draw people. But the fact is that you do not need to be born with the skill to draw people. Just like other types of .munication, you may also learn to draw, and more importantly learn to draw others. With practice and observing certain points you can certainly learn to draw people. Numerous tools can be used TO begin learning how to draw people. This includes a lead pencil, color pens, pen, wax crayons , charcoal and ink. And, once you’ve mastered the basics, you can go on to test your creativity and test out how to draw portraits, cartoons, sketches, caricature, illustration and some other forms of abstract rendering. Unless and until you’ve learned the basic techniques of drawing, how do you draw people? Starting with the basics, the most important technique of learning how to draw people, with realistic aspects is to learn to draw 3D shapes. When you watch your surroundings you would realize that all that you want to draw could be depicted in basic shapes like ellipses, rectangles,squares and cones. And, with 3D drawing techniques, these shapes can be created in such a way that they appear to .e out of the page. In addition to regular practice the following techniques when used repeatedly, will aid you to learn how to draw people and gradually get close to be.ing an artist. The first and the foremost techniques required to learn how draw people is observation. Without learning the way to see things around you, it would not be possible for you to draw people successfully. The basic way of representing any tone, form, texture or color begins with ones eyes. And, it’s only when you’re able to to watch and identify these different factors will you be able to copy them using a pencil. The next strategy to learn while learning how to draw people is to learn the lines. When you’ve learnt to watch objects in different basic shapes, the next step to learn how to draw portraits is to learn drawing lines. Normally, there are three kinds of lines used for rendering an object – straight line, angled line and curved line. First you have to practice by drawing these lines separately, and then move towards drawing simple objects. The next thing you should focus upon in order to learn how to draw people is to get the right perspective. This involves learning the rules of geometry and using them to illustrate things on paper. By using this technique, you will be able to draw more visually correct and with more realism. It’s essential that you learn these techniques and exercise regularly before you are able to master the skill sets for how to draw people. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: