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Careers-Employment Perhaps you have contemplated be.ing a probation officer? Have you ever desired to know how to be.e a probation officer? If you have, then you’ve stumbled upon the appropriate article to obtain some more material which can make it easier to make this decision, or maybe help you to make the determination to pursue employment in this particular field of work. The beauty pertaining to probation is that you may be.e a probation officer, a juvenile probation officer and assist youth, or even a federal probation officer where you can work for the us government. Some individuals find it fulfilling to work alongside adults, other with young people, and others possess dreams of pursuing career promotions at the federal government level to jobs at the Federal Bureau of Investigations (FBI) and so forth. Depending on your own objectives you can decide which path is right for you. No matter what the road probation work can be extremely satisfying and fulfilling. Assisting a person to turn their lifestyle around to turn out to be an effective person in the .munity is not something the majority of people get to perform on a regular basis. However, in addition to being very rewarding probation work may also be quite tough and stressful, so be ready for some challenging relationships and high case loads if you choose to pursue this line of work. If you’re still reading you might be interested to know a little more about probation officer requirements. The requirements for this position vary from department to department, but desirable applicants will have acquired a college diploma in a relevant discipline of study. Associated areas of study could include: public administration, administration of justice, police science, criminal justice, and so forth. You ought to be a U.S. Citizen, 21 yrs old, no older than 37, and also have a valid driver’s license. It will also be useful to have related work experience, particularly if you want to land a juvenile probation position, or federal position. The best time to acquire experience is when you are earning your college diploma in a related field of study. Some great related experience can .e in the form of internships with probation departments, drug abuse programs, youth programs, and social services for example. Job growth is predicted to grow at around 19% between the years of 2008-2018 according to the Unites States Bureau of Labor Statistics. This is great news for people who will be looking for work. Individuals who work in this field will earn a probation officer salary around $44k yearly; this was the median career salary as of December 2011 as authored by indeed… Officers who work for the us government can earn slightly higher wages yearly; however the requirements for these jobs will also be a little more stringent. To learn more about probation officer jobs there are numerous websites including my own that you can visit. You may also learn more in textbooks in terms of these jobs and also the tests one must take in their road to pursuing one of these probation jobs. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: