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Self-Improvement Are you hungry to realize your dreams and purpose of your life? So many people have this hunger because these dreams have been planted in us as a seed inside of us. And we want to let that seed .e to fruition. We’re hungry to express ourselves and listen to the messages that are encoded inside of us. We’re hungry to shine like the universe itself because we’re imprinted with this desire. What is it That You’re Hungry to Express? How far along with a project are you? Have you just begun or is this something that has been on your horizon for a while now, waiting to be expressed? How important is it to you to realize the dreams of your life? Are you listening to the encoded messages inside that are telling you that it’s time? Now is the Time for You to .e into Your Fruition. Whatever you may have experienced in your life at any time, no matter how many times you’ve tried and failed, no matter how many people have told you can’t do it – or you’ve told yourself that you’re not worthwhile – now is the time to fulfill your life. The earth has a timetable, and now is the time for people with greatness shining in their hearts to bring forth their projects and their creations, their talents and their gifts and express these in the world in tangible ways. It’s time to shine in ways beyond anything you’ve known. What does it Mean to Fulfill the Dreams of Your Life? It means what it means for you. Maybe it’s about fulfilling a specific life purpose, something you know you came to this earth to do. A woman named Liz gave birth to her fourth daughter One day as she was surrounded by all her beautiful little girls, she looked at them and realized that she came here to teach people how to love their children more, to be enlightened parents. Liz had known she came here to teach people about love, but it finally became a solid, palpable purpose. Something in her danced with the sheer joy of knowing what her greatness was all about. Do you have a sense of your purpose? Have you known it for years and are just waiting to be empowered to express and realize it? Or are you waiting for it to be revealed? Is your purpose about healing something in your life? Have you been given a difficulty so that you can over.e it and find your greatness? Sarah had breast cancer, and one day she was inspired to try a meditation in which light was all around her and within her, and she felt so connected with that light that the next time she went to the doctor’s, the tumor could not be found. This was one of the purposes of Sarah’s life – to realize that she had the power to bring the light to bear upon her physical body and transform her health. Have you ever felt so defeated that you didn’t know whether you had the strength to carry on? Is your purpose about carrying on anyway and creating something great for yourself and others? What Fuels Your Own Purpose? What learning experiences have you had deep inside that are telling you to take a path of self revelation? What are you learning and have you learned that is the transforming principle of your life? Is your purpose about your career? About your spirituality? About your talents and gifts? About your healing and transformation? Is it about being transported into another level of consciousness? Is it about having a breakthrough? Finding your life purpose? Now is the time for you to .e into your own and shine. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: