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Ling Mai won the 2016NICC most network three new board growth firms Sohu Technology Awards – November 18th – November 13th chapter adjacent technology, held in Beijing 2016NICC Chinese three new board investor conference, Ling Mai nearly 3 years the rapid growth of the network’s performance won the "2016NICC new three most growth firms" award. The award by the conference organizers to read the new board, CITIC Securities, financing, financial institutions and other well-known Tencent Chinese jointly issued by the selection criteria, based entirely on the enterprise performance and strict screening, credibility has been widely recognized in the industry. In order to find a new third market really have high growth enterprises, making the standard winning organizers called severe, need 2014 to 2016 for 3 consecutive years of revenue growth of more than 50%, 50 million in 2015 revenue, at the same time the year 2015, in 2016 to maintain profitability, not in a burn state. Through layers of screening, the final winner of the company’s net profit CAGR of up to 286.05%, while the average level of three new board is only $43.60%. It is worth mentioning that, over the past 3 years, the compound growth rate of more than 2 times the revenue of only about 31 companies, while Ling network revenue growth of nearly $301.13% in recent years, as a representative of the industry leader. Mai Ling network (835718.OC) as business activity management technology service enterprise market China leading, through the integration of SaaS software service model, networking, intelligence data resources supply chain integration and value-added services for one-stop solutions for consumer goods, MICE, Internet, financial and other industries enterprise customers accurately connected consumers provide market activities, innovative experience, activate the enterprise brand market potential. 2016 report shows that Ling network revenue reached 172 million yuan, an increase of more than 346.74%. The meeting also invited to the new board from the field of well-known brokerage, private institutions, institutional investors and individual investors and the mainstream financial media nearly 800 people, called China market three new board of Oscar event". The site also focus on "the investment timing" theme, from a macro perspective to define the new board, excellent discussion and through various practical methodology, seek the new board of investment ultimate success, read the new board, CSC, Jiuding group, source of capital, enterprises nest three new board college, as well as the national entrepreneurs horse shares transfer system and other institutions responsible person to attend the meeting and delivered a wonderful speech. [network] [source: financial] far often commissioning editor:相关的主题文章: