Listed insurance companies reported investment confidence does not increase the value of

Listed insurance companies reported: investment confidence does not reduce the value of the inclusion of the fund to increase the exposure of the Sina platform: letter Phi lag behind false propaganda, the performance of long-term lower than similar products, how to buy funds pit? Click [I want to complain], Sina help you expose them!   from the report, by the capital market volatility and other factors, the 4 listed companies in the insurance net profit fell sharply. However, companies continue to adhere to the direction of diversification, and constantly improve the value of new business and the company’s intrinsic value as in previous years, listed companies in the insurance industry is still focused on appearance at the end of August. The current situation is that the A shares of 4 listed companies on the insurance market has 3 officially announced the news, but Xinhua life time will be announced in the last day of August, but in the end of July has released the results forecast. So far, the first half of the performance of Listed Companies in the insurance industry has been basically a panoramic show. Net profit dropped significantly in the first half, the 4 listed insurance companies in addition to China peace (601318, shares) net profit of 40 billion 776 million yuan, an increase of 17.7%, the other 3 net profit fell sharply. China life net profit of 10 billion 395 million yuan, down 67%; Chinese Pacific net profit of 6 billion 140 million yuan, down 45.6%; and the forecasting performance of Xinhua insurance prior to a net profit of 6 billion 752 million yuan, representing a decrease of about 50%. The reason is mainly affected by the downward pressure on the economy in the first half, especially in the first half of the capital market volatility, resulting in the decline in investment income, a significant reduction in the contribution of investment in reported profits. This can be corroborated decline in net profit for the same reasons from the 3 listed companies in the interpretation, effects of "semi annual changes in assumptions investment income dropped sharply and the traditional risk reserve discount rate". Fluctuations in the first half of the capital market, indeed to the insurance fund investment has brought considerable negative effects. Even if the net profit rose 17.7% Chinese Ping also spared, the report shows, the first half of China safety net investment income rate is at the beginning of the year fell 0.1 percentage points to 5.7%, total investment return rate fell 3.5 percentage points to 4.3%; China life although the net investment yield of 4.68%, compared with the same period increased by 0.03 percentage points, but by the the capital market downturn, the total investment return of 4.36%, a significant decline in the same period by 4.98 percentage points; China Taibao first half net investment yield of 4.6%, down 0.3 percentage points; total investment return rate of 4.7%, down 1.9 percentage points. Zhejiang securities Yang Yun said: "the first half of 2016, the insurance industry investment suffered superposition influence capital market volatility and interest rates down, although the two quarter investment income increased, but the operating efficiency of the first half of the insurance industry has dropped significantly over the same period last year. This forced many insurance companies began to seek other types of investment to improve the rate of return on investment." Despite the diversification of investment, however, for the second half of the investment, the company is still confident. In the hands of large sums of money China life as an example, on相关的主题文章: