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Long hair will be in the stomach and the baby grab nutrition, really? The original mother – Sohu, welcome to share personal media forwarding, reproduced please contact the author. The author Dr. dove air863 whether young or adult, no one does not love their women with long hair. Some people have long hair to stay for a few years, or even more than ten years. However, after pregnancy, barber scissors, fluttering long hair slowly landed. Why do so many expectant mothers want to have short hair? In many places, long hair and baby nutrition. Therefore, a lot of local mothers will be accustomed to cut short hair. In fact, the growth of hair and not grab the baby nutrients. Compared to hair growth needed nutrition and growth of the baby, it is very different. So, pregnant women long hair, there is no harm to the baby! Although, the mother of the long hair and do not rob the baby and nutrition, but many mothers will choose to cut short hair, very important reason is to facilitate care. How to deal with wet hair, mothers are particularly worried about a thing. Not pregnant, long hair girls will encounter the problem of shampoo. Wet hair to sleep, this is obviously not good, uncomfortable not to say, may also catch a cold. During pregnancy and the usual cold but not the same, not to take medicine, it is really a big head. Do not dare to use hair dryer, because some of them contain asbestos fibers may cause the baby deformity. So, a lot of expectant mothers in order to facilitate the convenience and baby health, chose to cut short hair. During pregnancy, because of hormonal changes in the body, will make pregnant women’s hair is more black and bright, this time, care should pay more attention to. In order to prevent the scalp affect the fetus, mothers to choose their own hair and the nature of mild shampoo; during pregnancy, pregnant women should not perm, hair; after pregnancy, especially late pregnancy, the best to the beauty shop or shampoo, please father help bring baby to avoid bending damage. During pregnancy, pregnant women every thing is not a small thing. Do not usually do not pay attention to the hair, during pregnancy also ignored the hair care. Usually most is ignored, the people seem sloppy. So during pregnancy, the injury is not a man. Hair is very small, but the thing about hair is not small. Pregnant women are short hair, this is the need to determine the actual situation according to their own. However, it is recommended not to stay long hair, so it is really troublesome to take care of. During the month, is such a reason.相关的主题文章: