Longer more practical to drive the Yellow Sea n1s 4WD gasoline Extended Edition denka

Longer more practical to drive the Yellow Sea N1S 4WD gasoline edition Phoenix car Beijing drive: at home, pickup trucks and light trucks belonging, so for the selection of pickup consumers, tend to practicality as a precondition. With the gradual release of many provinces and cities to limit the pickup, as a very practical model, pickup also ushered in the development of a good situation. The Yellow Sea automobile’s N series pickup models in the market has been a good reputation, and now the new model of the N1S model was officially launched, today I went to experience some. The Yellow Sea launched a new N1S two drive version, four-wheel drive version, the diesel version, the gasoline version of the ordinary version of the extended edition, etc. a total of 16 sub models available to consumers, the price range of 8.28-11.68 million. Today I want to test the 2.4L 4WD gasoline lengthened version of the model, the price of 106 thousand and 800 yuan. Appearance: tall, fashionable elements. Body size table   the Yellow Sea N1S 2.5tvolvo Qi bell T7 2.5tvolvo ZTE Lord long (mm) width (mm) and high (mm) wheelbase (mm) tab: Summary: Phoenix car appearance seems to be more like Ford F-150, TOYOTA is that imported pickup, a lot of people are too "country fan children for domestic pickup impression". When a mighty tall, yet stylish atmosphere of the new N1S there, absolutely can break your idea. If you drive it on the street, you don’t have to worry about the rate of return.相关的主题文章: