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Love to say it out loud — read "guess how much I love you" – the classic picture book reading on maternal Sohu [], let the children love to read! Methods: open WeChat to add friends to the classic picture book reading, search (jingdianhuibenyuedu), attention! [] kids always love Rui mother said to compare with others, in "guess how much I love you" this picture book in the little rabbit is a typical example. "I love you so much," said little Nutbrown Hare. "I love you more than that," said the rabbit!" In this way, not only to determine the big rabbit love themselves, but also hope that their love can be better than the big rabbit love. Try to use a variety of body movements, the scenery can be seen to describe their love, until he was tired in the arms of the big rabbit asleep. In this picture book, there is a little rabbit like a child and a big rabbit like father. Little Nutbrown Hare, like all children, loves comparison. Both of them in the game who love more. With the wisdom of the rabbit won the game and a little bit of love little rabbit, but the rabbit with its innocence and imagination to win the rabbit more than doubled the love. Both of the rabbits have won. The whole works imbued with the atmosphere of love and happy children, little rabbit lovely image, the rivalry between the two rabbits and the framework of the story and novel image details have a great attraction for children. Mother alone personal micro signal: ruiruimm123 to facilitate the exchange of oh! First read "guess how much I love you", was the size of the rabbit seriously infected, they are more than the expression of their love for each other. The picture book is called "guess how much I love you", but is actually more like "I love you", between the two men love each other without guessing, express their unreserved to each other, let the other person know you love him, also let him know "how much do you love him". Such a naked expression, most Chinese parents may not adapt. I remember last year at a certain stage, she always asked me: "Mom, do you love me?" I always answer: "love, of course, love you". Then he asked, "why?" I answered, "because you are my child." I don’t know if my answer is not Rachel wants to answer, the answer can satisfy him, but I know he had that time always ask this question, is to doubt it, may be the time for his criticism too much, it may be a few times he didn’t listen to me directly the expression of his love. That’s the way it is, dad and I, we all belong to people who are not good at expressing feelings. We love children, we can give the child to do any things should be done, but rarely said to him "Mom and Dad love you", one is not used to think the expression of naked, two felt no need, we love him is obvious things, don’t need to speak out. But now think about it, we always do not say not to express, a long time, the child will be confused in the heart, and no sense of security. He will be compared with the story book, he will also be compared with other parents. !相关的主题文章: