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News-and-Society Since the advent of the internet proper, more and more retailers have been moving online. As a general rule, if you have goods which can be sold without the need to see them in the flesh it is cheaper and easier to retail them through a website rather than a physical shop. Magazine subscriptions are perfect for online retail. Online retailers of magazine subscriptions can avoid the difficulties of printing the magazines, warehousing, storage, and the trouble of posting them out. Through the growing number of affiliate websites you dont even have to process payments! Some other good reasons for choosing online magazine retail, rather than offline are as follows: 1. Captive Audience your magazine readers already know what magazines they like, and if they continue to enjoy them they will continue to subscribe. They dont need to see the magazine, they just want to subscribe with as little bother as possible and wait for it to arrive. 2. its An Ideal Gift know somebody who likes trains? Or cars? Or model boats? Then buy them a subscription to a magazine on the subject. Its an almost fool proof plan, and youll look even more generous because it lasts for months. 3. Variety if youre not sure what to subscribe to, the wealth of choice on the internet is at your fingertips. Whereas before you would have the laborious task of going to your newsagent, asking friends for re.mendations, ringing publishers, you can now just browse one site and find what youre looking for. 4. Low Cost most online retailers of subscriptions dont stock any magazines, all subscriptions are fulfilled by the publishers themselves. This means costs are lower, and you can pass on those savings to the customers. 5. E-Zines – The advent of E-zines or online magazines means that even the publishers costs can be reduced. This allows greater scope for reader interactivity and, lightning fast delivery to your inbox. 6. International Sales if the magazines on sale on your site are distributed internationally, it both faster and easier to reach anyone in the world through your website, rather than from a shop. The potential for subscriptions sales is not limited by your location. 7. No Stock Worries as mentioned briefly above, you dont stock anything. This means you dont have to worry about management of magazine stock or postage, as this is all handled by the publishers or fulfillment agencies. Fulfilment all the magazine subscriptions you sell are fulfilled either by the publishers or by third party fulfillment agencies, so all you have to do is be nice to your customers! So there you have it. The only danger of online retail which is so specialized is that you are relying on one single revenue stream, namely subscriptions. As such you can run into difficulties if your site does not rank well. All in all though, the online model is much lower risk than offline, which is testament to its growing popularity. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: