Make Your Marketing Stick!-yvette yates

UnCategorized What can you do to make your business stand out from the rest? Proper advertising and promotion is vital to business. What things can you do to make your advertising have the best impact for the money you spend on it? Most business lives on the repeat customers that return over and over. Dentists are a great example of this. Do you want to know the people you go to have your teeth cleaned or do you want to go to a stranger and then another stranger and then another every six months? I like knowing I can trust the doctors I work with and I like being able to call or text my doctor when I have a question I need to answered. I like the fact that my doctor has offered me the service of a custom fridge magnet with a calender imprinted on it with all the necessary contact information for the office. This allows me to be able to keep that info in a visible place, like my fridge. This is an example of marketing that sticks. I use the magnet, as a patient, and I remember to use their after hours urgent care clinic instead of going to the emergency room when my baby has a fever. Giveaways can be more fun than newspaper ads. Correction, giveaways ARE more fun than ads. Your customers will be happier to be given a free toy or magnet and it will serve the purpose of making your business become more visible in their minds. I have some giveaways I still remember from my childhood. Most memorable was the ‘Avoid the Noid’ campaign that Domino’s Pizza did. Why do I remember that one phrase? A toy shaped like the Noid was given away at a promotion they were doing at the zoo. Seriously, giveaways are great promotional marketing. If they are useful, it is even more powerful. How many coffee cups display your message? How many stress relief balls? How many reusable shopping bags? Branding is how you make your business stand out, attract new customers and retain them long term. If you never have repeat business, maybe it is because your customers have forgotten about you. The best advertisement is a long term customer’s endorsement. If a customer is drinking out your amazing, cool beverage container, and their co-worker needs a new dentist or doctor, they might ask your customer about your services. Or they could just get the information from the container. Cups and magnets might seem old, but they work. Use that to your branding advantage. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: