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Business Whether you have to lift, pull, position, tension, or rig a load, Lifting Equipments are the right hoists for the job. Popular with the homeowner and outdoorsman, they are also preferred by professionals who work in industries such as construction and mining. Lifting equipment can mean anything from cranes to hoists and buyers can easily pick the equipment matching their specific requirements. For instance, a hoist can be either manual or electrical and there is height safety equipment in the market as well which .plies with health and safety regulations. To put it in short, the mechanical industry has be.e highly specified and it would not be daunting to find exactly what you want. Apart from wide range of choices, crane manufacturers are providing the option of customized equipment as well and you can get standard tools with some desired modifications. There are many types of lifting equipment some of which are mentioned below:- 1.Access and mobility lifts 2.Access platforms 3.Overhead crane 4.Mobile crane 5.Truck Mounted crane 6.Sidelift crane 7.Goods lifts 8.Garage lifts 9.Rough terrain crane 10.Hydraulic lifts 11.Specialist lifts 12.Stair lifts 13.All Terrain Crane 14.Pick & carry crane 15.Carry Deck crane 16.Crawling crane 17.Railroad crane 18.Tower crane All of them are used for lifting, though for different purposes and at different places. Lifting Equipment Regulations:- This is a very important question and one that certainly deserves more than the little space we have allocated to it here. One has to be updated on lifting equipment regulations; it is the only way by which one can properly protect himself, fellow workers and the .pany as a whole. Many times when .panies do not .ply with these laid regulations then it is not only dangerous for workers to use lifting equipments but you are also opening yourself up to the possibility of fines and, perhaps, even more serious action being taken against your .pany or business. Sometimes it might seem like regulations are there to slow us down and to make life harder but this really isnt the case. Lifting equipment can prove to be very dangerous when it is not used in the proper manner and the laws are there to protect you and your workers, or any customers who might .e onto your floor, from serious injuries. The regulations talk about how to properly fit your equipment, what the maximum loads are for each type of lifting apparatus and the training needed to operate them. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: