Mengding Mountain fairy fog shrouded in pictures

Mengding Mountain fairy fog filled pictures Sina micro-blog | tourism in 2016 08 month 31 days off the coast of 14:27 mountain ring, overseas day ring, boundless. Located in Shanxi with Mengding Mountain like Zhou Zhen South, named for the spring and summer often cloud mengding. Figure three Mengding Mountain elevation 500 meters above the mountain into tripartite confrontation. The north big spike; South to the small peak, there is a large and small Mao Mao Peng Peng, small Tianchi scenic spots; the west is the day peak, 584 meters above sea level, the highest peak for Mengding mountain. Boarding Fengdian, mountains are under your feet, there are the "sea mountain ring, overseas day ring, boundless feeling". The summit is a basin with a small basin, surrounded by hills, lush forests, misty fog, birds chirping, pleasant scenery, such as spreading among di. The ancients "column peaks Wai Cheung, Qu Jian Jiong Luan ditch, is like a bowl of city, in many fields" description. Now the tea fields change of spices, everywhere is green hand. Mengding village is the only professional tea village in the county, the "tea" with fame spreading far and wide. The mountain scenery pictures if the weather is fine, you can see the wonders of the world "and the sun out". The "Xiangshan county" wrote: day peak, the first peak is also good. Visitors in October moon, chicken early Ming, the sun and the concept of hibiscus. In a moment, such as sunlight cinnabar, moon is not visible, sea bright color, 10000 lights, flashing dazzling spectacle also cannot be considered ". With the Buddhist mountains Mengding Mountain is also the history of Xiangshan Folk Buddhist mountains, "the goddess of Mercy Temple legends. Now the road has been paved Mengding Mountain on the stone steps, the twists and turns of Shijiershang, mountain scenery, walking calmly. Mountain road is a mountain stream, streams flow in abundance, crystal clear streams ran down and striking one snag after another, gurgling brook sound crisp clear, can be heard without end. Mengding Mountain peak at the foot of the original day a Tianshou temple, temple built in the Tang Dynasty, was listed as the jungle, many monks, incense quite sheng. The Japanese monk several times in the mountains in incense, and offer a plaque, a cursive "marine wonders" four words. Plaques are stored in the county cultural relics management committee. There have been a lot of scenery pictures now on Mengding Mengding Mountain Road, but only the East and south of banana Lai village head Dongling most wide flat road. The weekend leisure time, but five or six minutes drive from the west to the central area, Mengding Mountain at the foot of the village of lai. In the green mountains and rivers, only feel comfortable. The drovers go behind them, wearing hats, wearing a raincoat, with bamboo, slowly drove the sheep to go to the depths of the bamboo screen, it will be back in time for decades, not only the world, feel the joy of the mountains. Mountain road is a mountain stream, the stream flow in the rain is continuous, abundance, crystal clear streams striking one snag after another pour down, gurgling brook sound crisp clear, can be heard without end, like a land of idyllic beauty. Like a spirit on the earth of the water, the way a curved Ning Qing Wang, like eyebrow Johnson show woman, with a green light clothing, with both sides Yamahana brilliant, shallow smile, tinkling in the valley, flowing into a moving poem, rendering a picture.相关的主题文章: