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"More than" crime author Chang Shuxin with another hot works appeared on television entertainment Tencent as famous network writers, Chang Shuxin writing, incisive seasoned, especially good at the urban novels. Since 2008, has created a "," black "and" fashionably dressed men and women "," super big flicker "Yu sin" and many other works. In 2016, more than 1 million copies of the novel "sin" has become the reputation of the original novel in recent years, and its namesake drama also achieved great success. It is understood that the recent most popular novel Shuxin "blame" will shock the publication. According to the "blame" adaptation of the Youth Drama "police detective pot" brother is finished, the upcoming landing screen. Chang Shuxin’s story exudes a fresh rich city life, full of readers into a sense of empathy, the strong realism style and his life experience are closely related. The involved novels on criminal psychology, criminal gang organization, criminal means the description of true to life into the street, from the sea to pickpockets, rogue, rampant drug can come in handy. Chang Shuxin said that when she was young she spent 8 months in jail, at that time, he has the opportunity to contact of every hue of the suspect, the police also met a lot of, gradually to two have a more profound understanding, and formed the first source of his gangster story. Before start writing online, in order to survive Chang Shuxin had thirty kinds of Occupation: drove a cab, selling vegetables, selling books, doing business computer, installed over the telephone in telecommunication bureau. A variety of occupation trains to make Chang Shuxin very understanding of city life, so the small characters perfectly restored. Every reader can see his life in his story. As writing suspense, reasoning, involving novel master, Chang Shuxin on "digging" and "fill the pit", and attaches great importance to the readers and the interaction. "I will look at the reader’s response and choose to write out what most people don’t know, but that’s the end of it. This is like a person with a group of people to fight in the battle of wits feeling." Writer Ma Boyong Chang Shuxin praised: "he storytelling, a group like the deadly ice silk, gently put you around, the more you struggle, the more nervous, did not open, can not stop." Because of this, often involved in the novel is very good. Often the most popular Shuxin novels "blame" is the starting point, the novel was published by Chinese network, access to a large book after reading, in the same type of novels in network charts. So far, nearly 10 million fans of fiction, become involved in the subject of the first IP". The novel "Jane" blame master where this is a small hotel in growing up, only to cook the ordinary youth, but also during the police in a strange combination of circumstances and set off, this began a police occupation career. However, from the first case, Jane who found himself like walking in the edge of the wire line and startling step by step. Character set, "blame" subversion of the traditional style of the theme of serious tall, to restore a true to life young grassroots police image. In the criminal investigation techniques of the set, "blame" the use of offbeat push.相关的主题文章: