Municipality Prefers Vertical File Storage

Business ==================================================================== As the cost of office space continues to skyrocket, office managers everywhere are looking for better ways to conserve floor space. This trend has caused an extraordinary increase in use of vertical document storage systems in offices worldwide. When Tom Fujiwara, Assistant Public Works Director for the City of Redlands, California, needs to study plans for street repairs or review a map of his city’s storm drain system, he locates and retrieves large documents more quickly and efficiently than ever before by using the department’s new vertical file storage system. We chose vertical file storage systems because they work. It’s that simple. The cabinets don’t damage our documents and they are very, very easy to access, he explained. Before adopting vertical file storage systems, the city’s thousands upon thousands of pages of large drawings, maps and exhibits required by the department were stored mainly in flat files, or rolled up in tubes in a corner. It was very challenging to get your hands on the right document, Fujiwara said. We now have ten vertical file cabinets to store large documents, which are mostly engineering drawings, exhibits and maps, some of which measure from 18 x 26 and 24 x 36 and larger, said Mr. Fujiwara. The system not only saves space, it saves time in retrieving and storing documents. According to Fujiwara, The main benefits of vertical files are that you can access and retrieve files as you need them. It doesn’t destroy or bend the document. What you don’t want, you can slide back and access only the files you need at that moment. Everything is accessible, easy to retrieve, and protected For municipalities like the City of Redlands, flat file cabinets just don’t make economic sense anymore. Vertical file storage systems can store as many documents as 15 drawers of flat files, while requiring 75 percent less space. Vertical file storage systems save time and money, while conserving valuable office space. ==================================================================== About the Author: 相关的主题文章: