Nanning restaurant owner , city cited onlookers experts called on the rational treatment of Beijing

Nanning restaurant owner "," city cited onlookers to Beijing – experts called on the rational new network in Nanning in November 23 (Xinhua Wang Minyi wave) Guangxi Nanning a lobster shop owner in fee and the girls painting big burst foul language, only to be the girls screenshot sent in my circle of friends, November 22nd was immediately forwarded crazy, Nanning became the hottest events that day. A large number of Internet users behind the abused girls, and called for a boycott of the lobster museum. The lobster shop owner also admitted that the abuse of girls is true, but he is not bad. Currently, the two sides have yet to resolve differences. Small girls were introduced to abuse, her team to Chen Jiandong lobster Museum painting, after the completion of the first phase of the task, was paid. After the completion of the second phase, but Chen Jiandong did not have a good negotiation of the original $5000 paid to the small cleaning team, he asked the team must be completed to clean a small painting, to be able to pay $5000 to clean the team. Xiao Jie in WeChat chat show Chen Jiandong the first payment and then draw "means, but it was Chen Jiandong’s abuse, many of which have explicit and vulgar language, the meaning of intimidation. Subsequently, the anger of the small Jie chats to the circle of friends, was forwarded to his friend’s circle of friends and micro-blog, a time to be forwarded as more people, the media have to follow up. Other students Xiao Jie’s alma mater Guangxi Arts Institute alumni, that encounter also expressed anger, and Chen Marvin and crawfish expression package support. In micro-blog, some netizens issued a condemnation of lobster shop owner Chen Jiandong, and said that Chen Jiandong will not go to the restaurant to eat crayfish. At the same time, there have been a large number of suspected Chen Jiandong micro-blog’s own micro-blog account information, many of which are highly offensive remarks, directed at small Jie and Guangxi Arts Institute students. And Chen Jiandong also do not want to understand, 22, woke up in the morning, he became a Nanning underworld background, threatened to cut the man and the female college student wages in arrears black boss". His ID card and the relevant information was basked in the Internet, a day received inexplicable phone calls and information. Chen Jiandong told reporters that he is not micro-blog, micro-blog on the top of his "first name" message is not true, he is helpless and angry. Chen Jiandong admitted in an interview with reporters, emotional abuse of the girl, but I’m not a bad guy, as long as the girl finished painting the wall, I put the cost to the knot. If she doesn’t finish the wall, the shop will not be so good. Xie Hui, Professor of Journalism at Guangxi Teachers Education University, said that the differences between the two can actually be resolved through mediation. However, the excessive attention caused by the fermentation of public opinion, to solve the problem on the contrary caused some difficulties. The development of things has exceeded the expectations of both sides of the life and work of the two sides caused some distress. Xie Hui also said that with the increasing spread of communication tools and the rapid development of new media, the people’s entertainment more and more heavy, more people tend to be when eating melon masses". Internet users should develop their own "appeal" and "pass" rational, respect the objective facts to develop their own judgment. (end)相关的主题文章: