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PR Who doesn’t want to sell more products and increase profits? That’s what the world of business is all about! But if you want to sell, sell, sell, you need to first public relations, public relations, public relations! public relations is a terrific way to give your business the national or local exposure that it deserves. One of the most popular public relations mediums is print. To believe that just writing a press release will get you in USA Today is incorrect. But if the publication doesn’t like your topic they won’t publish anything you send! Marsha Friedman, Chief Executive Officer of EMSI , a national public relations firm says "Press releases are not the only way to get coverage in print. " Here Marsha Friedman will reveal the 4 tips to get your name in print ! 1.Pen a "How to" Article. " This is one of the best ways to get free public relations in magazines ", says Marsha Friedman. "If you offer some great tips and present it in a way that is ready for publication, how can they say no! With so many newspapers understaffed and magazines cutting their staffs, these publications are no more than ever desperate for amazing informative content " " How about if you are a scientist for example. Why not write a tips article offering 10 ways to fight bacteria in schools ", adds Marsha Friedman. Make sure to you’re your tips brief and no more than 3 sentences. The media loves these tips because they can reprint them as an article or as a ‘side-bar’ to a longer story. Not the best writer? Marsha Friedman says, " Your writing needs to be in the style of newspapers and magazines, so hire someone that has that ability. " Articles published will create an expert status for you, thus make sure to add all of your impressive personal information. Marsha Friedman adds, " Most publications will let you write something generous about yourself, what you do and how to contact you, in exchange for your free article." 2.Author an Opinion Letter Marsha Friedman says, "Write about a controversial topic and send it on to the Editor of newspapers around the country. . Don’t forget to put your credentials at the bottom of the letter so you get the recognition of being a published expert." 3.Create Photo Opportunities On average, almost all local pint publications are interested in finding great images to add to their pages. " Create a local event – a fundraiser, an art show, a local or national contest", says Marsha Friedman. " Then get the press interested and attending. But even if they don’t show up, get them a photo and press release right away while it’s still news!" 4.Recycle Your Print Coverage Marsha Friedman says, "Anytime you receive a newspaper or magazine placement, make sure to send a reprint to a local publication with a pitch and new angle. " Send reprints from dailies to national publications. Send articles in trade publications to editors anywhere. Create a blog and post your articles on it. "An article that grabs the attention of the media should be used until there is no interest left " says Marsha Friedman. Hopefully these tips will help you drop the press release and start being creative! If you would like to learn more about gaining national or local media attention for your company, product or service, without the financial burden of monthly retainers, Marsha Friedman is available to be of service . Feel free to contact her directly at [email protected] or visit her firm online at ..emsincorporated… As a public relations expert Marsha Friedman has the ability to get the media attention that you desire without budget busting monthly retainers. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: