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Negative energy operations, teach you two strokes to light their own Sohu in the famous tourist Miss.6 every day 60 seconds heard a host Luo fat chicken soup, probably said: there is a father, soon to go to the society the son said, you have now become their academic, has been very strong, but because of his achievement is not strong, but know how to deal with the environment! On the environment to rely on, such as in the society, not to protect themselves by the fence, to protect themselves with friends; on the environment have many things to fear, like a river, don’t try to push it, it is their own flow, the environment must be wary, when you don’t know whether to buy a new bucket can hold before the water, don’t throw away the old bucket, the environment must have the choice, in the house before, ask who is your neighbor? Ronaldo said, although this passage is chicken soup, but enlightening ah, we often say to do their best, but do have the ability to operate their own is one of the best environment, then at a position where the best. Whether you look inward or outward, the environment is very important. What kind of environment are you in? Through the following two steps, you can know that you have a good or not? Step 1: a survey of medical care — your body environment – western Japan’s largest medical institutions — banhe intelligent medical center interior in a corner of the world – WHO, only 5% of people who are truly healthy, only a small part of the remaining 95% patients were diagnosed as group, that is to say, sub-health the state’s population is close to 80%. In our country, such as Miss.6 white-collar crowd is not optimistic about the health status, nearly 50% of people in long-term sub-health state. Sub health is a critical state, although there is no clear disease, but the mental state and the ability to adapt significantly decreased, if not timely correction, it is easy to cause physical and mental illness. The key to prevent sub health lies in "early prevention, early detection and early treatment". Physical examination is the best way to understand their physical condition in a timely manner, it allows people to understand their own risk of illness, and then take the initiative to adjust the way of life or diet, out of sub health, prevention of disease. Step 2: mind your mother situation meditation — Contemplation told Miss.6 in Pali, meditation is the meaning of "spiritual cultivation" is to cultivate a good state of mind. Whether it is a life of the people, or in the home life of the people, can according to their own way of life, through meditation to enhance their life, gradually reduce the shackles of worries and greed, angry and foolishness; gradually let the soul purification and liberation in their good deeds, to consciousness free direction. Have you ever thought about leaving the present environment and jumping out? Have you ever thought about letting go of everything for the moment? Have you thought about finding a place to live, contemplation, meditation, quiet morning bell and evening drum — reminders and carefree life? .相关的主题文章: