Network about the implementation of the new rules of the car to throw off the penalty 200 leaked

Net car about the implementation of the new regulations Shuaike penalty 200 privacy penalty of 1 thousand November 1, 2016, Interim Measures for online booking taxi business service management concern "(hereinafter referred to as" Interim Measures ") formally implemented, given the network about the car legal status, to further standardize the network about the car business, protect the legitimate rights and interests of the parties, and promote the healthy development of net about the car industry. The "Interim Measures" provisions about network driver shall obtain the corresponding quasi driving type motor vehicle driving license, and have more than three years of driving experience, no traffic accident crime, crime of dangerous driving record, no record, no drug after drinking driving record and the record of violence. The last three consecutive cycles, no record of the full score of 12 points. The official implementation of the interim measures, given the legal status of the network about the car industry at the same time, the network about the car put forward higher requirements, but also to further protect the legitimate rights and interests of passengers and personal safety. The sixth chapter according to the provisions of article thirty-sixth, on the net about car on the way Shuaike or intentional detour, to report complaints of the quality of service or make are not satisfied with the evaluation of its passengers retaliation behavior, a maximum fine of 200 yuan. Intentional detour is difficult to define the problem, before the complainants take revenge when the incident exposure, a fine of 200 yuan and not acted much, more important is the network about the car business platform and national traffic management departments to strengthen supervision, to eliminate such vicious incident. Big data era, access to personal privacy information more and more convenient, how to protect personal information becomes an important issue. As people traveling through network about cars and travel booking platform of electronic payment, this process will be a series of relevant personal information disclosed to the platform and the driver, the car and the driver about network platform will take the responsibility for the protection of personal information by the person’s responsibility, because any personal information leakage may lead by person or property security issues. In this regard, the Interim Measures for the protection of personal information of passengers on the network about the car platform and related drivers do a clear. According to the "Interim Measures" of the sixth chapter is about the provisions of article thirty-seventh, net car platform company and the network driver about illegal use or disclose personal information about the car and the passengers, by the public security department, net letter fined 2000 yuan to 10000 yuan shall be imposed in accordance with their respective responsibilities; causing loss to the information of the subject, shall bear civil liability according to law; suspected of a crime, shall be investigated for criminal responsibility according to law. That is to say, the network about the car platform and network about the car driver, such as illegal use or disclosure of personal information of passengers, the highest face of 10000 yuan fine, the alleged crime will be held criminally responsible. The "Interim Measures" on the net about the car industry from the car to the "strict, strict control, will create a more healthy environment for the development of the industry, to better protect the personal and property safety of car. From the car to strictly control in Shenzhen is also cheap car service Co. Ltd. insist, cheap car company’s main push rent purchasing Car Buying model company in Shenzhen and the surrounding Pearl River Delta as the center, to provide customers with a 0 down payment, low down payment Car Buying business. Driving safety, cheap car company has always been adhering to the "people-oriented, customer-oriented" business philosophy, for each customer to provide vehicles are more stringent.相关的主题文章: