On the first day of battle Yu, grasp the limit to earn 2.12% topped the rankings replays.net

On the first day of battle: "Yu", grasp the limit to earn 2.12% topped the ranking affected by the global market downturn and other negative factors, the Asia Pacific stock markets fell across the board, A shares Dikaidizou, intraday stock index fell below 3000 points, closing stock shock rebound, but the intensity is weak. Industry sector to make ink. As of the closing stock index fell 1.85% to 3021 points, the Shenzhen Component Index fell 2.8% points to 10461. Click to view the list of institutions today coincides with the "private expert meeting" war, from the private sector operation, through market opening bargain. From the current ranking of the top ten institutional positions to see, there are only 2 institutional positions of about 30%, while the remaining half of the top 8 or even full warehouse. There are ten institutions in the top five gains of more than 1%. The first game ranked first in the "end. Current month current position of 77%, earning 2.12% of the income is the trend, is the only one of more than 2% of the income, his awkwardness for Suzhou permanent. The stock by the positive stimulus opened lower after the way up, finally in the late closed limit. The second is the "Guangzhou Hua Li Si", his performance in the first trading day is also very radical, direct full warehouse, daily income 1.74%. The awkwardness of "Huang", the stock fell nearly 4% in early trading, after a strong pull red. Ranked third in the "the sauce" positions 90%, Shigekura Koyo shares the stock, all within a narrow range, near the close before quickly pulled, once sealed daily limit, closing up 7.89%. From three institutions in operation is not difficult to see, in a weak market environment, to find the strength of the stock is the best way to win the market. Because of the "private expert meeting" contest rules, single stocks stock positions shall not exceed a total of 30% positions, so they can be ranked in the forefront, not just rely on a stock performance, but at least the contribution of a number of stocks. For ordinary users and investors, how in a depressed market, timely find and discover the bull? "Private expert exchange" while provides display platform to private institutions, also give users the opportunity to track master manipulator. Users can register on the page, and pay attention to your favorite institutions, real-time view of their operations and buy stock information. Overall, the "private expert meeting" before the start of the first day, a number of agencies have shown their extraordinary stock strength, believe that with the deepening of the game, there will be more powerful institutions, to achieve good results in this also wish all the participating institutions.相关的主题文章: