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Sales For this match, Leverkusen team also considers himself very low, their players believe that reversal Leverkusen Barcelona promotions is the possibility of very low and, therefore, they are not concealing that, the game, Leverkusen’s goal is to maximize the enjoyment of the game. Leverkusen striker Stefan Kiessling said: "I would very much like to participate in the game, but we are realists, Leverkusen is the opportunity this game. "Deerdi York, says:" we just want to prove to Barcelona, Leverkusen could do, why can enter the UEFA Champions League knockout stages. We want to enjoy the game, playing standards, this will be enough. IKE diogu cut 11 points in the third section, trying to prove, and he helped catch up with scores of 67, Xinjiang. Is a SINGLETON to come forward at this time, hit the third section after the buzzer-beaters, opening the fourth section he won 8 in a row. "I think he did the best cricket," General Manager Liu Hongjiang (micro-blogging) said. As CBA reach the semi-finals of the season, the game all the more fierce, basket Association invite foreign referees were also bringing up the magic weapons. Ocean sentry enforcement CBA playoffs is not new, in 2007-2008 last season finals first, Beijing Guoan 5 war are negative. In 2009 of Asia Crown League in the, Beijing national security main away are was Ulsan modern team 1-0 gunnin ‘ Phoenix Suns; and in 2010 season, guoandui away prior scored of situation Xia was opponents even pulling three ball, eventually 1-3 no match for City South a and; returned to arena, national security still failed to changed ceased to to 0-1 lost to opponents; and in Asia Crown one-eighth finals in the, Laopa then stressed: "I said before the match, the home team’s home advantage is not negligible, they had a very good first half control, also maintained that advantage, I think this is very fair and the results of the game. "The Shandong power group, Secretary of the Party Committee, Vice Secretary of Commission for discipline inspection, Shandong Luneng Taishan Football On the post game press conference, Wenger made no secret of his disappointment: "I very much regret, we almost reached our (reverse) of the target. I don’t know most deserve Gunners to be proud of the night tonight, tonight but every person working for the Club will be proud. "Three weeks ago, the San Siro Stadium, arsenal suffered a 0-4 defeat. Since its inception in one thousand nine hundred and fifty five-fifty sixths UEFA Champions League, European warfare of the past 56 years history, first leg of the knockout stages there were scores of 167 times, has never had a team to 0-4 in the first round after a failed large tilting pan in second round. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: