Online Assessment Tool For Class 3 To 10 By 24x7guru-candle june is an online assessment platform that allows students between classes 3 and 10 the opportunity to strengthen their academic foundation by identifying their strengths & weaknesses in subjects such as Mathematics & Science. facilitates conceptual clarity, rational thinking ability and development of analytical skills among students, through scientifically designed assessments tests. test packs constitute of multiple-choice questions that are of a diagnostic nature which help students improve, based on articulate objective type questions. This website offers a great preparatory ground for students aspiring to take up entrance examinations for engineering, medicine, management or even GRE at some point in time, as each of these are tests that assess students’ understanding and depth of knowledge, rather than their cramming skills. A Mathematics & Science test pack ‘ allows students to do the following (a) take chapter-wise tests in each of the subjects i.e. Math and Science (however limiting the student to take a test upto 3 times in each chapter) and (b) take periodic tests. These are designed as quarterly and yearly exams, as per the common school procedures. Each test constitutes of approximately 20 questions and tests on each chapter can be taken up-to a maximum of three times. Students even have an option to take the test offline or even pause a test and complete it later if they wish to, or in case of a power failure. On completing the test, instant results, with feedback, on performance is provided with a graphical representation of test scores. To enable students identify their strengths and weaknesses in Math and Science has psychoanalytical, psychometric, math-ability and learn-ability trackers. is a joint initiative by technical partner Bodhtree Consulting and content partner Unified Council. For more information on this Online Assessment Tool please visit the following URL , an offering from LearnSmart India Pvt. Ltd. is committed to help the young generation learn smartly for greater effectiveness. It is the brainchild of technology partner, Bodhtree and content partner, Unified Council Article Published On: 相关的主题文章: