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Blogging-Rss Have you ever stood in line at a bus stop, or been in a supermarket queue, and overheard a snippet of conversation that made you smile, or cringe with embarrassment? Maybe the conversation was so funny that you could barely wait to tell it to someone, or made you grab your cell phone and send a text message to a friend, relaying the amusing tale. Maybe you dashed home and posted the unbelievable exchange on Facebook. Well, residents of the Twin Cites can share their nuggets of eavesdropped wisdom and hilarity at a dedicated online depository, by the name of Overheard in Minneapolis. This unusual little site is home to countless gems of Minnesotan mutterings, as posted by members of the public. Sometimes they’re genuinely funny, other times just plain weird. Occasionally, they’re actually pointlessly vulgar, so be warned, if you are of a nervous disposition. However, there are some real pearls to be found among the many entries. Misunderstandings, pointless conversations and simply talking, for the sake of talking, all provide fuel for the website. Take for example, the two girls overheard at the Lagoon Cinema: " Is Mongolia in Alaska?", asks one. "I thought it was in Indonesia", replies the other. Or how about the politically-minded genius who was heard to say "If you see a hot girl, chances are shes Republican. Cause rich guys are Republican and they want hot wives. So they make hot Republican kids". Another classic involves a heavily pregnant smoker berating a .panion for lighting up a cigarette after using his inhaler, "You know, you shouldn’t smoke if you have asthma". There will, no doubt, be those who abuse the facility and simply post non-existent exchanges, that they have made up for the sheer joy of taking part. And it’s likely that some people will object to some of the site’s content on moral grounds, based on issues of privacy and such, but to be fair, those quoted are never specifically identified. So, next time you get an earful of someone’s classic observations of the world, you can post it on the website, for Minneapolis residents, and millions around the world, to enjoy! About the Author: 相关的主题文章: