but it is a necessary one for SEO. When inserting your keywords throughout the on-page content

Internet-Marketing An integral part of any search engine optimization (SEO) campaign is the researching and choosing of keywords for your website. This is basically the words or terms that you are trying to champion in the search engine. Do you sell PEZ dispensers? Then you may want to use PEZ, dispensers, flavored candy or the more popular items, like star wars PEZ. Once you have these keywords chosen, you need to incorporate the keywords into your websites content and tags so that it is considered relevant to the search engines when ranking your site. This includes all the copy throughout your website, as well as all the page titles, title tags and links. Its not an easy process, but it is a necessary one for SEO. When inserting your keywords throughout the on-page content, it is vital to understand the density at which keywords are optimized on a page. Keyword density is specifically referring to how often a keyword is used in your on-page copy. The search engines compute the keyword density percentage, and the more often they find a search term in your content, the more it will think that your page is relevant and should be ranked higher. However, there is a fine line between having an optimal keyword density and over-stuffing your content with keywords and terms. Please Note: Just because you have the right amount of keyword density in your SEO campaign, doesnt mean that you will automatically be ranked higher. Googles new algorithm actually favors more related search terms than exclusively keyword density. Focus also on the quality of your content, rather than only focusing on your keyword density. If you do exceed the optimum keyword density, you can face an over-optimization penalty. There is no perfect keyword density percentage in SEO, but Volacci strives to keep our density at or below 5 percent. The percentage of a page is relative to your content length, so it is recommended that you know the formula to calculate each page. The formula for keyword density is pretty simple. 1.) Count how many words you have on your page. 2.) Count how many times you have used your keyword 3.) Apply this formula: Keyword Density = ([Keyword Count]*100)/(Total Word Count] For example, lets say that you have a 500 word article about PEZ dispensers, and you are optimizing for PEZ -Total Word Count: 500 -PEZ keyword uses: 12 PEZ density = (12*100)/500 Keyword density for PEZ on the page is 2.4% In SEO campaigns, having keyword optimization in your on-page content is very important to being relevant to the search engines. However, if you focus too much on keyword density, you can potentially lose focus on other important elements in the dynamic approach to optimizing your site. Use the keyword density formula to ensure that you are applying relevant uses of your keywords into quality content and links so that you are getting the most out of your research. If you abuse your keywords, the Google gods will get you, so dont stuffers beware. Volacci is the leading Drupal SEO company and very passionate about your online success. By the end of your contract you will have at least as much additional business from your web site as you spend on our services… or we’ll work for free until you do. About the Author:

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Software Functional Testing actually involves mainly the identification of functions that a particular software is expected to perform. It is the specification of the functions and the creation of the input data based on the same. Similarly it involves the identification of output data based on the specification of the function. Then it involves the execution of the test case itself. Finally it involves the comparison of actual and the expected outputs for checking the stability of the application. It is a type of software testing wherein the system testing happens against the functional specifications. In this testing the results of processing are of prime importance. Black box testing is used in the same where the internal logic of the system which is tested is known to the tester. The techniques which are used for functional testing are usually specification based. It can be done from two perspectives namely requirement based and business-process based. It is considered as a best thing to consider Outsourcing software testing to a software testing company. Magento Website testing can be done by setting up a staging area which is nothing but a duplicate of your original store which you can use to check if the upgrade processes are smooth. The advantage is that you can use both the backend and front end of the site to see if the model is foolproof. The Magento Test Suite is a framework which includes a system of software tools which will enable repeated functional tests against the application which is being put to test. Magento Test Automation can be used in several routine processes like creation or registering customers, adding addresses to their accounts, creation of websites etc. Testing which is also known as Quality Assurance (QA) is an integral part of the software development process. Manual testing as the name suggests involves testers executing test cases without making use of any automation tools for the same. Manual software testing is the method of testing software manually for defects. Here the tester should play the role of the client or end-user and do the same. Magento Integrated testing helps in knowing the use of fixtures in place of configuration default files and in adapting the PHP unit based tests. Magento Test Suite also provides the batch test tools in which scripts are used to execute a collection of tests with a basic single command. Magento Integration Testing aims at introduction to the different types of automated tests and their integration and further application within the Magento framework. Configurational Testing helps in checking the compatibility of the software used with different O/S, other platforms and different kinds of hardware. Mobile Application Testing is a very important aspect as the world cannot live without this technology. Therefore cutting edge technology of mobile development and comprehensive quality assurance of mobile applications should be ensured by proper testing methods. http://www.qamadness.com/technology/magento About the Author:

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