Principle of micro reactor|Principle of micro reactor

SLM type miniature high pressure reactor is composed of two parts: the reaction vessel and the control unit.

1. reaction kettle by kettle body, a kettle cover, magnetic stirring, working principle of the motor drives the outer magnetic steel body rotation, the external magnetic coupling through the magnetic field lines within the magnetic drive, magnetic stirring reactor in sub rotation.

The working principle of

2. electric heating is: the electric heater is injected into the module, the heater will heat evenly through the module to the inside of the tank, so that the material inside the tank is heated to a homogeneous chemical reaction.

3. control part can control the speed, temperature, completed by the control instrument. Equipped with speed control instrument display, temperature setting, regulation speed through the knob can buttons can control the temperature, the working principle of temperature control: power, temperature sensors installed in the reactor will transfer the signal corresponding to the control device, control device will be the corresponding signal for display at the same time, compare the signal through the temperature signal and the temperature, PID of heating power on-off or phase modulation type adjustment, the actual temperature reaches the set temperature consistent with the purpose of.

China fastener must be technically breakthrough|China fastener must be technically breakthrough

China fasteners must be technically breakthrough

        also known as standard fasteners, screws and nuts to manufacture is small, indispensable to giant machinery, buildings and other parts. The fastener industry in China is still in the development of the industry, but not strong " " " fat and not strong, large " and the United States, Japan and South Korea, the Taiwan area gap, and the lack of technical services to solve from mechanical fastening solutions, digital products, design, manufacture and management, green product and manufacturing process.

as long as we can to help innovation and entrepreneurship system and policy environment through reform, can make Chinese fastener technical level and the level of added value in not too long a period of time there is a significant improvement. The fastener advanced level in the world are facing technological breakthroughs or big or small, Chinese fasteners if we can seize the opportunity, exert their own advantages, the development of internationally competitive products, it is entirely possible.

the development of China’s fastener is under increasing pressure from resources and environment, and the important way to alleviate the resource constraints is to develop green manufacturing. Fastener development, the next period will continue to move forward in the direction of brand management, and promote the development of the whole fastener project. The products, high-end products will accelerate the development of quality localization, scrap disposal of the whole process from design, manufacturing, packaging, transportation, use, should consider the lowest emissions, waste minimization, resource utilization rate and minimal environmental impact, so as to make the enterprise benefit and social benefit in the circulation, coordination and optimization; explore a variety of value-added services, bring value and benefits to the customers. From the provision of a single set of fasteners to provide mechanical fastening solutions, customized services, remote monitoring, service in the fastener manufacturing enterprise sales revenue will gradually increase the proportion of.

Application of magnetic seal in high temperature and high temperature inflammable and explosive reac|Application of magnetic seal in high temperature and high temperature inflammable and explosive reac

Application of

magnetic seal in high temperature flammable and explosive reaction kettle

in high temperature, medium pressure, flammable and explosive medium reactor with magnetic sealing technology with packing seal, mechanical seal technology has the advantages of simple operation, easy maintenance, has the advantages of no leakage, reduce maintenance cost, energy saving, safe and reliable, good comprehensive benefits so, it can be widely used in the old and new chemical plant chemical plant.

The original packing

with the sealed reactor, reaction pressure relief after releasing hydrogen, using high temperature multistage pump is transported to the reactor. In this process, the following problems:
3, after cooling in high temperature multistage pump conveying process, because the material is aluminum, the bottom of the reaction vessel to discharge, it is often easy to plug valve, often recoil, discounted valves, which affect the production and easy to damage the impeller and multi-stage pump mechanical seal.
due to intermittent conveying materials, easy to cause the leakage of mechanical seal, affecting the production, environmental pollution, maintenance workload is quite large, with an average week maintenance time, especially frequent shift, zero class maintenance work overtime, in order to maintain production and maintenance work in harsh environments, smell the smell, causing dizziness headache. The high cost of spare parts and maintenance.
4, transported to the reactor, the medium temperature from 260 degrees to 180 degrees centigrade and has, in a reactor, and the heat conducting oil is heated to 260 DEG C to react, each need to heat 100 thousand kcal kettle.
5, since the original preparation process from the kettle discharging portion of the unreacted aluminum entrained into the pump, the pump can not work, so the increase of the feed filter in front of the pump, the average monthly cleaning a filter.

3, the insert pipe, there is no preparation at the bottom plug and aluminum into the problem.