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Good brother! Baer was a waist C Ronaldo closely concerns the Lisbon defender Baer knocked down rough defensive " one hundred million " the sprawling C Luo Baer injured sports news September 15th concerns Tencent (data) Real Madrid Champions League debut, Baer was injured before the end of the half back injury, the doctor treatment to recover the game. C Luo strike a good partner injured is very anxious, full attention to its healing process, also took the initiative to help. On 42 minutes, Baer left the ball onrush, Liverpool old Coates Feichan (data) off the ball, the king. Baer fell to the ground after feeling the right hip position, grinning face very painful, but also constantly beating turf. Slow motion, Baer is ready to slide in the moment, Coates has immediate impact, the right foot ball will be stopped at the same time, the left knee on the ground in the top right hip position to Baer, Real Madrid winger injured. As a partner, C Ronaldo and Benzema immediately approached the observation team, Baer kept touching the waist position, for a long time can not get up, the referee signaled to Baer for Real Madrid team doctor admission examination and treatment. The doctor will also lift the stretcher on the floor, apparently Baer injury is not light, Bernabeu fans have applauded support to Baer. C Luo concerns Baer injured three minutes before Baer sat up, doctor in the arm and slowly walked to the sidelines. At this point the other Real Madrid teammates have returned to the stadium in the central region, only C still Shenpan around Luo Baer, very anxious and worried, Baer went on the sidelines, C Luo also took the initiative to embrace the responsibility and picked up the towel wrapped on the sidelines of the doctor debris, then turned back, kick, kick deflection. The past media speculation C Luo and Baer discord, but in the two season C Ronaldo and Baer two people on the pitch there had been a lot of good brothers shot, has crushed similar rumors. (Cuchu)相关的主题文章:

Conley 24+4 hit the key ball three 64 points by Minnesota Memphis reverse – Sohu

Conley 24+4 hit the key ball three 64 points by the Timberwolves Grizzlies reverse – Sohu sports > > data record; shoot Beijing time on October 27, 2016, ushered in the home court sits Minnesota challenge. Although the wolves first made a huge lead, but Memphis steady gradually counter ultra score. The two teams fight to the last minute, the Grizzlies with key ball Conley, 102-98 reversed the Timberwolves win home court. The whole score: 29-32, 21-27, 26-16, 26-23 (Memphis Grizzlies in front): 24 points and 4 assists Conley, Gasol 18 points and 3 rebounds and 2 assists, Randolph 19 points and 11 rebounds, 15 points and 6 rebounds – Ernest James. Minnesota: Wiggins 25 points and 7 rebounds, Downes 21 points and 4 rebounds and 5 assists, 19 points and 5 rebounds and 3 assists Lavin, ging 12 points and 14 rebounds, Rubio 4 points and 4 rebounds and 8 assists. The first section of the game, the Timberwolves team feel hot, the Grizzlies lost at home. The first section of less than 5 points, the Timberwolves hit a wave of 16-1 wave of attacks, the first Downes, Wiggins, wolves and Kyrgyzstan have scored Lavin ang Houston, Rubio for their ammunition, Minnesota was leading 20-3. Grizzlies finally recovered the offensive, the response to a wave of 13-3, the difference narrowed to 7 points. This section of the last round, Conley hit three points hit off, Rubio two free throws. The first section of Harding Park, the Timberwolves to lead 32-29. The second section of the game, and has caused destruction Lavin bjelica, Conley again hit three response, the difference was reduced to 4 points. The Timberwolves in exchange for gradually started all the Grizzlies let Carter continue to impact the forest wolf inside, led the team to gradually narrow the points difference, this section with 5 minutes left, Gasol two consecutive Grizzlies succeeded, chasing the score into 45 levels. The latter half, the Grizzlies again into a scoring drought, the wolves played a 14-5 scoring tide. Half the end, Timberwolves 59-50 lead. The second half of the game, as breakthrough dunk, the wolves will lead to 11. The Grizzlies began the onslaught, Ennis hit two consecutive record three points, the team played a 16-2 game, the score counter ultra. Wiggins stopped shooting, wolves managed to break the scoring drought. The wolves last round, Wiggins on the right side hit three points, Conley failed to hit the buzzer. Three zhanba, Memphis 76-75 counter ultra. Small game, the fierce fighting, the score alternating lead. This section with 3 minutes left, the Timberwolves made 4 points ahead, Conley hit the outwire three points, small turning Gasol fadeaways, Memphis counter ultra score. Downes immediately responded to a record three points, and regain the lead. In the last minute and a half, the Timberwolves were only 1 points behind. Downes singles Jay – Green, but the latter is the face of a big hat – -. Wiggins two penalty is not small, Gasol again hit. The wolves attack, also hit off Conley, Memphis a 7-0 lead to 98-93. The last 24 seconds, Lavin drift hit three points, the Timberwolves only two points behind. The Timberwolves used foul tactics, but Conley firmly hit. In the end, the bears played 102-.相关的主题文章:

Double express before eleven man companies play staged drama million paid advertising (video)

Double express before eleven man companies play staged drama million paid advertising double eleven approaching, the delivery of goods delivery personnel gap increasingly. The reporter learned yesterday, Hushang at least 10 scale express delivery and logistics company is to get people staged drama, in order to recruit people, some express delivery and logistics company at 8000-10000 January paid advertising to attract candidates to join the deliveryman, sorting team. Loading… The lack of delivery and sorting staff "cut the hand of time has not arrived yet, most express delivery and logistics company has been busy. Estimated double eleven during the delivery and sorting needs to be more than doubled." A logistics company personnel department responsible person told the reporter, usually need to delivery staff of one thousand people, double eleven period is estimated to be about 2000 people, the porters, sorter is similar to see catch elbow. People network 8 provide recruitment information display, with at least more than and 10, Yuantong express and logistics company with the scale of recruitment information on these sites, these people waiting for the express delivery and logistics company mostly in the delivery site for the unit recruitment, each site needs to recruit people number between 10-20, the number of the largest recruitment for 20 people. Recruitment site staff told reporters that some courier companies have expressed their eagerness to use the mood. "Although the majority of express delivery and logistics company is expected to have a lack of people during the double eleven, as early as 2 months ago began to prepare, but have no way to fundamentally solve the problem, the demand is urgent." It is reported that courier, logistics companies involved in the post, including delivery, sorting, documentary, warehouse management and other seven or eight types of work, but the most missing is the delivery and sorting positions. Recruit temporary workers to send free time delivery for a long time, send the wrong, the shortage problem of minimizing the double eleven period, many courier, logistics companies have resorted to "Eighteen Wu Yi in recruiting". The so-called "temporary" is mainly the domestic, mining and other aspects of the supermarket staff, use their spare time to help delivery, sorting goods, and paid by the hour, the salary determined according to the site location and degree of delivery busy, the average salary in the estimation of the number of 25 yuan per hour. Yuantong express Rongle Road site, the need to recruit 12 employees, the relevant staff said, "do five Hugh two, also can do six Hugh, especially the double eleven, all the staff will get paid overtime." According to the express company in the industry, in accordance with the basic salary plus delivery amount to obtain compensation, different express delivery and logistics company, the salary and reward each different. A courier company’s old deliveryman said, "the usual delivery volume in seventy or eighty, the average monthly income of 7000 yuan this year, double eleven during the estimation of delivery is very busy, delivery volume is expected to exceed 100, the monthly income will exceed 10 thousand yuan." "" "Shanghai today recommended: Shanghai loans will be strictly examined common reimbursement payment funds suffered thorough investigation of 23000 cold air strikes this overcast to cloudy weekend is expected to return to the warehouse of collusion sold nearly 3 tons of rice from colleagues about 100000 jingfangxingju disappeared after the accident" the search "driver money Jingjing finally appeared more Home Furnishing the home wall serious cracks)相关的主题文章:

How to choose fair cup The most complete history of the Sohu and justice cup-soulseek

How to choose fair cup? The most complete history of the Sohu and fair justice cup cup, drinking with ancient Chinese porcelain products. A man or the central league leader, in a hollow ceramic tube, pipe holes through the bottom of the cup; the upper tube is equivalent to the height of the old mole chest (or dragon jaw). The head body and the cup bottom connection is provided with a hole in the cup, to the water, if the water level is lower than the porcelain pipe is, water will not leak; when the water level exceeds the water through the porcelain tube is Water Leakage hole in the bottom of the cup light. This leakage cup, the Han folk called "justice Cup", according to the principle of physics siphon. A fair cup of wine is the most reasonable, when the wine can only be shallow flat, not too full, otherwise, the wine will be missed in the cup, a drop left. Tea Fair cup, also called evenly divided tea cup. Tea table, tea into the tea equally to each cup, sublimation to the spiritual level inherited the spirit of "justice". Also known as tea, tea cup cup fair. With a fair cup of tea, each cup is divided into tea as much as to show equal treatment. Effect: Justice cup is the role of uniform concentration, tea soup color and aroma observation. For a more graphic explanation, we assume this time period for a total of 5 seconds. So, the first seconds out of the tea, the tea must be older than fifth seconds to light. Because equal to fifth seconds out of tea than the first seconds out of tea soaking time more than 4 seconds. It is the meaning of justice cup uniform concentration this first to fifth seconds between the tea. Reasonable cup press material can be divided into the following categories: Justice cup are commonly used in porcelain, purple sand, glass texture, the fair cup of porcelain and glass texture is most commonly used. There are some cups of tea, some are not, and there is a fair glass with a strainer, but most of the fair cups are not filtered. 1, class 2, Yixing pottery pottery is made of clay or clay by kneading forming after firing. Pottery has a long history, in the Neolithic age has seen a simple rough pottery. 3, porcelain as a fair market to occupy a fair cup, the benefits of porcelain Fair cup is easy to observe the soup color and not easy to absorb the taste. 4, Mai Fanshi stone is a kind of natural silicate minerals. Stone and have certain biological activity of biological non-toxic and harmless compound mineral or medicinal rock. The effect of Maifan stone: jiedusanjietang; Qufushengji; in addition to the cold dampness; liver stomach; blood stasis; diuretic fossils. The stone of the taboo: 1, stone is a volcano eruption in the process of rock, absorb various minerals and rocks and the composition of the minerals, so stone inevitably contains sulfur compounds, sulfur will volatilize slowly in the water, and the odor of gas, so try not to soak a long time Maifan stone. 2 trace elements, the stone of the need to release high temperature close to three hundred degrees, average temperature of trace elements in Maifan stone release is very small, and will not give a clear feeling. But although the slow release of trace elements, but there is definitely a network of health相关的主题文章:

The sun changed car how second-hand car trading network which is

The sun changed car how second-hand car trading network which want to change the second-hand car, but not too familiar. Usually is to go to work, pick up the next wife and children, the budget is less than 150 thousand of it, the preference of the public car, compared to the quality of German cars. These domestic second-hand car trading network which is good? Search for more reliable platform and website! Before a stroll around the city’s second-hand car trading market, people look dazzling, with the monkey moved like corn. Have a day off, there is not much harvest. My colleagues suggested that I search the second-hand car trading network which is good on the Internet, said online can see every car information, saving time and effort. See a lot of ads heavily used car website, I asked the second-hand car trading network which is good, I still feel that the Volkswagen · car; the sun changed hands is the most reliable website, are on their own car, very formal reassuring. Second hand car evaluation services are provided by the public, more than any other third party transactions to the site of professional, reliable. Have been in a tangle of second-hand car trading network which is good, in fact, Volkswagen · car is very good; the sun changed hands. Access to its official website, you can choose according to the models, prices and car age, you want to use the car. Interface is very clear, at a glance. If the site does not have the car you want, you can also fill in the relevant information". Into the specific models page, each used car has detailed dealer information, you can find the source of each car, you do not have to worry about the quality and quality of the vehicle. Prices, the Internet is also very transparent, we can assess the price of second-hand car trading network which is good. By the way, tell us a little trick, the used car prices usually have a discount formula: the first year of 15%~20%, second 6%~. But I suggest that you see more more more, even for the "acquaintance" to stay in mind, if buying a second-hand car prices with the new car is almost too tragic.相关的主题文章: