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Loans Not many people are willing to pledge their assets as collateral for loans. And when you have bad credit, you are even more likely to avoid such loans as you dont want to add the risk of repossession to an already adverse situation. But is it possible to secure financial help easily in your position without providing security? Believe it or not, the answer is yes. You only have to start approaching the appropriate loan scheme- a poor credit unsecured loan. Poor credit unsecured loan does not require any collateral. It may be availed by you even if you have one or more of the following recorded in your credit report: *Arrears or missed payments *Defaults or non-payments *Late payments *Unpaid credit card bills, store card bills or utility bills *Low credit score below 580 (FICO) *County Court Judgments *Individual Voluntary Arrangements *Bankruptcy. Poor credit unsecured loans are available for an amount starting from 3000 up to 25000. However, the amount approved for you will depend upon your requirement and repayment capability. The latter is calculated by assessing your income and debt-to-income ratio. And according to the loan amount, the repayment term will be set. It could start from a minimum of 6 months and extend up to 10 years. Making payments in the form of easy monthly installments is possible. Poor credit unsecured loans generally have high interest rates charged on them. That is why a thorough research of the offers available in the market is necessary. Comparing the quotes of different lenders will help you nail more affordable loan deals. This can be done free of cost and in a short time via the internet. Poor credit unsecured loans may be taken to garner funds for a variety of requirements. You can take one to pay for a medical procedure, to buy a car, to pay education fees or simply to get rid of unpaid debts. Poor credit unsecured loans will not only help you achieve these purposes but assist you in rebuilding credit. With the completion of your repayment on one of these loans, you will find that your credit has improved. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: