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Several principles and method of neonatal umbilical cord care baby pictures from the network of Sohu in October, to meet the baby home is a very happy thing. However, the baby has just been born, but there is a small wound, but the need to pay special attention to their mothers, cautious treatment. You’re right. This is the umbilical cord. When the baby or your baby, your baby’s umbilical cord connecting channel between the mother and the uterus placenta, specifically for his growth delivery of nutrients and oxygen, but also fetal waste excretion channel. When your baby becomes a newborn, the doctor will use professional processing method to cut the umbilical cord. Of course, now there are many places Please dad himself as an important ceremony to greet the arrival of the baby cut the umbilical cord, but it will also test their father’s courage! Cut the umbilical cord with a short exposed by the nurse bandage and covered with sterile gauze specially. Then clean up the finishing of the newborn baby was sent to the father and mother bosom, well, the umbilical cord care work to give you full responsibility! If the cord is handled properly, the baby is likely to suffer from neonatal tetanus or sepsis and other diseases, good nervous! However, as a novice mom and Dad, umbilical cord care really do not have to be so nervous, care is chaotic. Just pay attention to the following aspects, the baby has a healthy, beautiful little navel is easy to achieve the goal. Pictures from the network 1, umbilical cord off time: under normal circumstances, the baby’s umbilical cord will be born after about 10 days off. But there are some babies especially naughty some want to let mom and dad worry about it, so it took a longer time to let the umbilical cord off. This period of time, as long as careful observation of umbilical cord bleeding, no outflow of liquid and other anomalies, mom and dad would not particularly worried. Umbilical cord shedding does not need the help of mom and Dad, do not always want to touch the hard callus of the umbilical cord. Our family of two treasure of the umbilical cord is in the evening to sleep when he fell off, I get up early to give him a bath suddenly found a little thing, it is the umbilical cord out. Very serious look around the umbilical cord, are very normal this is completely assured. 2, umbilical cord care principle: we can imagine, the umbilical cord is actually a soybean sized wound has scabbed. We usually place to scar how to deal with, now face more care of newborns. The wound must be kept dry. Therefore, the umbilical cord of the newborn must not touch the water, in case of accidentally taking a bath when the water, and quickly clean cotton cloth or cotton swab with clean, dry. Wound wound to ventilate. Do not think to let the cord keep dry, simply put it with sterile gauze wrapped. No, near the wound cells need ventilation can recover quickly, and vulnerable to infection. Wound to avoid friction. Especially in the winter, we must be careful when holding the baby when the clothes and other hard friction to the umbilical cord, thick and not easy to find in time, it is likely to be hard to fall off the scab, causing inflammation. Before the umbilical cord falls off: daily!相关的主题文章: