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UnCategorized Happiness is a precious gift. The pursuit of happiness should direct one to look within oneself and to the love that surrounds us. Happiness means well-being, sound health, and calm mind. Man is a social being and in spite of the nuclear society we live in today, all our relationships make us what we are. And one of the most important of them all is the institution of marriage. Marriage means commitment, love and understanding. More often than not the pursuit happiness ends in marriage. Marriage is a firm bonding based on love, passion and sexual desire. Each equally important in its own sphere as we know that life should have a complete balance of love and commitment. Marriage is an ultimate commitment of life to peruse the natural way to attain happiness. Pursuit of happiness through a marriage however is an individualistic view. While even half a century earlier marriage was the ultimate goal, the contemporary world has seen a drastic change in the way relationships are viewed. While marriage is still a revered institution it is no longer a respectability and recognition mandate, especially for women. Both genders today are equally ambitious and successful which makes the pursuit for happiness all the more definitive. A happy and successful marriage today entails partners who deserve each other. They are a perfect match intellectually, physically and emotionally. Pursuit of happiness in marriage also includes the achievement of material comforts that ease the way for two people to share a lifetime together. Pursuit of happiness in a marriage depends on making the right choices. Since ancient times marriage has been a source to attain real happiness and fulfillment in life. Marriage brings a sense of completeness in both men and women. This philosophy is reflected in all religions and isms that teach us to look deeper within ourselves. Marriage is the most natural institution formed by man. Evolution has made humans realize their gender differences and compatibility. Marriage has given them a formal bonding and an atmosphere to raise their children. The pursuit of happiness through marriage is therefore a phenomenon that has come down through generations. It is a time-tested and proven theory which holds true even today because it is result of not human actions but human belief. It is an intrinsic aspect of human practicality. That is why, while many customs have come and gone with civilizations, marriage has lasted over centuries. Man’s pursuit of happiness is incomplete without the sanctity and bliss of a wedded life. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: