Remember the five autumn Yanggan

Remember five tips in autumn Yanggan liver is the viscera extremely important viscera, play the role of detoxification of hematopoietic, so they need good liver health, keep your liver healthy. Because the liver itself play a detoxification effect, will inevitably accumulate certain toxins, so an important measure to the Liver Detox is nourishing liver, reducing liver load. In autumn, the weather is still hot, the most prone to fire. Autumn autumn five Yanggan five tips and tricks: eat spicy food in autumn should eat less irritating strong, spicy, hot food, such as pepper, pepper and so on, should eat some vegetables and fruits, such as melon, carrots, zucchini, eggplant, green leafy vegetables, apple, banana etc.. In addition, but also to avoid the accumulation of a variety of hot and humid gas, because all with a pungent smell of food, have the function of distribution, it is advocated to eat some pungent smell of food such as celery. The weather is not too cold autumn diet from hot to cold, the body in order to adapt to this change, physiological changes. Pay special attention to diet, not to be too cold, so as not to cause stomach indigestion, the occurrence of various gastrointestinal disorders. Don’t overeat autumn climate, abundant food, excessive intake of excess calories will be converted into fat accumulation up, make people fat, it is called "long autumn fat", in the autumn diet, pay attention to the amount, but not indulgence of appetite, eating and drinking. Tonic can not mess up autumn is the season for the tonic, but don’t mess up the tonic, should be careful not to disease-free tonic and strength without excessive compensation, should pay attention to take appropriate, avoid the pharmacokinetics of food, not drug sibu. Sibu with Ziyin Runzao mainly, including such as silky chicken, pig, turtle meat, bird’s nest, tremella, sesame, honey, Soybean Milk, lotus root, coix seed, walnuts, peanuts, spinach, pear, duck’s egg, these foods and other beneficial food or medicine has better efficacy. Afternoon nap 10 minutes a lot of patients with chronic fatigue in the afternoon, might as well try a simple "therapy" – a daily afternoon nap for 10 minutes. The clinical proof, 10 minute afternoon nap can eliminate sleepy, the effect of more than two hours of sleep at night is much better. Take a nap during the day while waiting for an airplane, train, ship, or a long distance bus or bus. Good food in autumn Yanggan Hugan food 1, hawthorn has the efficacy of nourishing liver fat in autumn when the devaluation of hawthorn. Hawthorn into the stomach, can enhance the role of enzymes, promote carnivorous digestion, contribute to the conversion of cholesterol, it contains Xiong Guosuan, can reduce the deposition of animal fats in the blood vessel wall so that the "fatty liver" or obesity who eat hawthorn, hawthorn, hawthorn pills or Hawthorn drink water, can is liver fat digestion, the food is good. 2, fruit vinegar can liver stomach, lungs in addition to dry autumn, it is time to drink. The cold weather at this time, the human body into "Yang Xiao Yin long adjustment period", amino acid, acetic acid and other nutrients contained in the vinegar, is the weakest of the liver Qi is good, can improve liver detoxification function and The new supersedes the old. More specifically, fruit vinegar.相关的主题文章: