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Robbery multiple residents accuse the two security guards for Zhengkou night stopped car thieves – Beijing, an online news according to major news reports, the famous writer Fang Fang wrote a novel called "ambush", tells the story of an ordinary business director to defend by ambush catch make story, as ordinary people keep to get people moving. In August 29th, the reporter in the Wanchun Garden District learned that security guard Bao Zongkui brother and Zhang Jiabao love story, wonderful novels do not lose. In the face of accusing them of "useless" speech, they do not fight debate, to watch, wise Youyong, for the owners to intercept the thief, avoid a few thousand dollars worth of stolen motorcycle. In the face of the owners accused their determination to fight for breath of spring is Spring Garden million million Street’s large residential placement, in addition to the resident population, the floating population has many entrances, bring enormous pressure to residential security. Since June this year, with the rise of the temperature, time became long, every day until late at night, there are still people continue to import vehicles, some thieves brought opportunity. According to Wan Chun Nga Xinyuan workstation staff introduced, at that time, the number of thefts District, some residents in the electric car downstairs and forgot to lock the doors and windows, or hot weather is not closed, all gave the thief an opportunity. A number of robberies occurred, despite the reported case, but a loss do not back up, let the owners of the property and security complained. Some owners because of the loss of Bao Zongkui and Zhang Jiabao to complain that the residential property is not as, even mocked their security officer, on the evening of that air conditioning to sleep. Some people even say they’re useless". The two brother maintained restraint on these radical remarks, they say only catch the thief, keep the residents of the property owners, residential property and security to defend his image. The night man found abnormal in multiple theft occurred after covered with confusion, Bao Zongkui and Zhang Jiabao are more vigilant, increased the number of inspections, for monitoring the dead, less local residents, they will have more around, even visited again and then kill a Parthian shot. In the night light is relatively dark corridor and underground garage, they will quietly "surprise attack", for the import and export of the passing vehicles, they will be careful to distinguish the abnormal one. This effort is not in vain. A day before the night, two people on duty at the gate post, at nearly 2, pedestrian vehicle access gradually scarce, two people did not like a few angry residents said hiding in the air-conditioned room to sleep, still carefully watched the gate near the movement. At this time, two people heard the oncoming motorcycle sound, this motorcycle near the east gate at lower speed, then stopped, cycling man look around, like in front of the monitoring of some hesitation. With experience and awareness of theft, Bao Zongkui and Zhang Bao realized that this person may have a problem. Two people immediately went over to cross examine it. The man riding in a very good maintenance of the motorcycle, 30 years old, if alone in judging not a little strange, but this man saw them, eyes began to freeze up, avoid being seen, Bao Zongkui.相关的主题文章: