Russian Foreign Minister Russia will help us solve the Syrian crisis but the existing consensus – Be

Russian Foreign Minister: Russia will help us solve the Syrian crisis but the existing consensus – Beijing, Beijing, February 10, according to Russian news reports based on micro 9, Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov said that Moscow is willing to help resolve the crisis in Syria Washington and Ukraine, but will be based on the existing consensus. According to reports, Lavrov said in an interview: "they are trying to push the responsibility of many events in Syria and Ukraine to us.". But at the same time, we ask for a solution to the big problem in the Republic of Arabia, Syria, to ensure a cease-fire." He pointed out that, on the issue of Ukraine, the United States said, "everything is clear", saying that Ukrainian President Peter Poroshenko can not do everything now, but ask them to help and so on". Lavrov said: "with the dilemma and the rhetoric is a very pragmatic attitude towards us, request assistance.". We are willing to assist, but there is no doubt that the relevant principles and specific consensus will be based on the mediation between Ukraine and Syria." According to previous reports, in December 28, 2015, Russian Foreign Minister Lavrov said that Russia will further promote the political settlement of the Syria crisis on the basis of the December 18th resolution of the UN Security council. On the day of answering questions from Interfax reporters, Lavrov said that the principle followed by Russia is that the Syrian people decide their own future on the basis of safeguarding sovereignty, unification and territorial integrity of Syria. The problem that needs to be addressed now is how the opposition formed a collective programme and formed a delegation to participate in negotiations under the auspices of the UN Secretary General’s special envoy for Syria.

俄外长:俄将助美解决叙危机 但需基于现有共识-中新网   中新网2月10日电 据俄罗斯微新闻9日报道,俄罗斯外长拉夫罗夫表示,莫斯科愿帮助华盛顿解决叙利亚和乌克兰危机,但将基于现有共识。   据报道,拉夫罗夫在接受采访时表示:“他们试图将叙利亚和乌克兰境内发生的诸多事件的责任推到我们身上。但同时又请求我们解决阿拉伯叙利亚共和国大问题,保障停火。”   他指出,就乌克兰问题,美国说“什么都明白”,说乌总统“彼得•波罗申科无法现在完成一切,但请求他们协助等等”。   拉夫罗夫说:“伴随着窘境和这种辞令的是对我方非常务实的态度,请求协助。我们愿意协助,但毫无疑问,将基于乌克兰和叙利亚调解的相关原则和具体共识上。”   据此前报道,2015年12月28日,俄罗斯外长拉夫罗夫说,俄罗斯将在联合国安理会12月18日决议的基础上进一步推动叙利亚危机的政治解决。   拉夫罗夫当天在回答国际文传电讯社记者提问时说,俄罗斯遵循的原则是,在维护叙利亚主权、统一和领土完整的基础上,由叙利亚人决定本国的未来。现在需要解决的问题是,在联合国秘书长叙利亚问题特使的主持下,反对派如何形成集体纲领并组成代表团参与谈判。相关的主题文章: