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Shanghai release network about cars: the need to draft new regulations of Shanghai Shanghai society in Beijing in October 8, according to the Shanghai traffic network news, October 8th, the Shanghai Municipal Traffic Management Committee issued a "Shanghai city network booking taxi business service management regulations (Draft)" to solicit public opinion. Regulations require that the driver of the vehicle and the vehicle in Shanghai to apply for a network of Shanghai Ji, Shanghai brand, the provisions of the driver, vehicle access, personal information protection, etc. made clear. The "provision" clearly, in the network management service in Shanghai city about the car driver, should meet with Shanghai Hukou; held by Shanghai municipal public security organs of the motor vehicle driving license; five provisions from the filing date of the first 1 years without driving occurred more than 5 violations of road traffic safety etc.. In the network about the car business services in Shanghai city vehicles shall comply with the registration in Shanghai city; to the provisions of Shanghai city can be registered motor vehicle emission standards; fixed vehicle satellite positioning standard installation, supervision data access platform; the installation can send information to the public security organ emergency emergency alarm device seven standard. In addition, the provisions of the protection of personal information to make a clear specification. "Regulations" indicate: the network about the car platform company should be through its network service platform in a significant way to drivers, passengers and passengers and other personal information collection and use of the purpose, way and scope to inform. Without the express consent of the main body of the information, the network about the car platform company shall not use the aforementioned personal information for other businesses. Network about car platform company to collect the driver, about the car and passengers of personal information, shall not exceed the scope of the network to provide the necessary business car. In addition, in addition to cooperate with the national authorities exercising the powers of supervision and inspection according to law or the right of criminal investigation, network platform about the car driver, the company shall not provide to any third party about the car and the passenger’s name, home address, bank account or payment account, geographical location, travel routes and other personal information, sensitive information shall not disclose the geography geographical coordinates, markers related to national security. After the disclosure of information, the network about the platform company should promptly report to the relevant competent authorities, and take timely and effective remedial measures.   (commissioning editor: Pan Xuhai, Yang Cheng)相关的主题文章: