Snowden Trump or further weaken civil privacy and freedom

Snowden Trump: or further weaken the privacy and freedom of the original title: Snowden: Trump is likely to further weaken the citizens’ privacy and freedom [global network reported intern reporter Tian Ruizhe, according to Russian satellite news network reported on November 15th, the U.S. intelligence department said Snowden, a former employee of Edward? The president of the United States elected Trump would further undermine U.S. citizens privacy and freedom. "We started with absolute power, instead of open government, the principle of informed consent given by the government not to understand the activities of the people as the foundation, but in personality, creditor’s rights, and believe that they can do the right thing," he said in the Law School of University of Buenos Aires reported on a conference call with Snowden since 2013 the disclosure of confidential information will the United States spy exposure strategy, Washington declared not any monitoring of its citizens. But Snowden expressed concern about the changes in the U.S. government, saying the government "has a different set of values that govern the country in the dark."". He said at the meeting: "if the government really wins our trust, it is because it has existed for several years, and in the way we support, but what happens to the government?" He added, "this is the challenge we face after the election in the United states." According to reports, in 2013, Snowden was accused of spreading "unauthorized defense communications and information" in violation of the 1917 "anti Espionage Act", the United States to "intentionally transmit confidential communication information to unauthorized personnel on the grounds of his criminal prosecution. Editor: Zhang Dong相关的主题文章: