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Sohu VR video "content + platform" strategy to create 1 billion 600 million gold producers – Sohu technology wise things (public No.: zhidxcom) the | Yi yuan in August 25th, the Sohu held a video VR video Strategy Conference in Beijing, will use its own video distribution platform and a large number of high-quality product, to the platform + content into the way VR tide, conference were also VR live. Sohu video from the media VR panorama channel has been on the line in June this year, is the first comprehensive support for VR panoramic play from the media platform. Its VR content can now be done PC, mobile, TV three terminal synchronization, full support for VR video playback. Sohu from last year to create a gold producer, the program, there are already 3800 high-quality producers, the column, produced nearly 1 million high-quality video, with a wealth of content reserves. In the production of VR content, there are already more than 50 production team, the number of more than 1000 videos, the average number of people watching more than 50 thousand. This "gold producer" plans to invest resources comprehensive plan more than 1 billion 600 million yuan, including 100 million yuan in cash, 500 million yuan, 1 billion yuan of advertising resources promotion resources on the gold producers for support, but the proportion can be as high as 60% to 90%. In the opinion of the general manager of the Sohu, video products technology center 56 Network General Manager Ma Yi, and video game is the fastest entry to the VR hardware in the content, and now the boundaries of the game and video has become very fuzzy. A lot of people will use video to explain the game, there are a lot of video games based on the production of video, which is very suitable for viewing with VR. In addition to video games and video Sohu, will also make tourism culture, limit experience, animation, variety and other V video, and VR will be introduced to the Sohu, Sohu, Sohu, auto focus and a live up tourism. Sohu during the Olympic Games in Rio still video homemade talk show "Olympic Games" said, the whole network is introduced for the first time VR panorama broadcast. Sohu video also broadcast the entire network of Transformers VR alone, and the United States top game animation companies, the introduction of overseas VR content in the country. Sohu video product technology center director, 56 Network Editor Zheng Tao said, now VR video is still in an initial stage, a lot of excellent products are still waiting to see. Thus, Sohu launched a support plan, including support for the hardware and VR video contest held. It is understood that the Sohu video combined with hardware vendors, to provide free VR shooting equipment for outstanding producer, CO produced, and provide financial support, photography, audio processing, entertainers and post production support, and equity cooperation, in addition to come up with 1 million as a video contest prize. The conference also invited a fruit, intellectual things founder and CEO Liu Peng, Samsung Electronics China strategy vice president Chen Liren and the Beijing River Chen Jianfeng venture partners and Sohu video products technology center general manager, 56 Network General Manager Ma Yi of VR hardware and content development. Chen Jianfeng believes that every industry from.相关的主题文章: