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.puters-and-Technology The world of requirements management has developed significantly and has increasingly be.e one of the foundation stone of successful software projects. While requirements will have interdependencies, a well written and implemented Requirements always have a great value. Requirements management has a critical effect on an organization’s development costs and software quality. A recent survey of European software organizations identified that more than 40% perceived that they had major problems in managing customer requirements, and more than 50% perceived that they had major problems in the area of requirements specification.Which is why requirements management is critical for managing existing consumer expectations. There needs to be a process that takes requirements from various sources, determines if they should be added to the backlog, and disposes of them properly. A good requirements management solution allows an organization to avoid many design mistakes and to reduce failures during the development process. The cost of fixing errors or changing functionality increases exponentially with the development phases. In software development life cycle studies have indicated that the repair cost of an error is about 10 times higher during the tests as during the requirements management. It is therefore important to ensure that there is no error undiscovered. The fact of the matter is that the main error causes .e from bad or wrong requirements. Therefore an improved requirements management can lead subsequently to a reduction in the product failures and development cost of the product. The global overall quality of the product increases also with an efficient requirements management solution . With a good solution, a developer can control all the properties of the product and achieve .pliance with standards and regulations. With a large number of requirements collected from a variety of sources, it can be.e difficult to cope with the deterring job of determining the requirements for a set of organizational objectives. As requirements management is one of the most important part of a product development, it needs to be done with success, so that it can allow the development of software quicker and at lower cost. And while requirements management is a quite difficult task, IT projects should try to improve it as much as possible. Only an efficient requirements management allows to work successfully on .plex projects. Advanced requirements management tools offers a rich and configurable, global platform for encapsulating a set of requirements, collaborating on their development and tracing implementation. Enterprises therefore require a solo web-based ALM solutions that can amply cover all the features necessary for all asynchronous collaboration. ‘ About the Author: 相关的主题文章: