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The portrait – Painting – people.com.cn original title: the portrait painter Tao Lengyue terrace painter Tao Lengyue (Photography) 1925 Tao Lengyue Tao Weiyan China modern painter, how to understand and how to photography, photography practice, relative to the size of the data is not much. And the number of weeks of work, so that the study of the relationship between photography and art, as well as the acceptance of photography in modern China has a great help. Father Tao Lengyue (1895 – 1985) is one of the early explorers of the fusion of Chinese and Western painting Chinese in twentieth Century, he was created by moonlight landscape contains traditional prose, as the representative of the "new Chinese painting" and renowned painting. In 1926, Mr. Cai Yuanpei wrote an inscription for Tao Lengyue paintings: "Mr. Tao Lengyue, the long Chinese painting, then practice is based on the western painting, and to supplement the European law. Try the new Chinese painting, all the scenery from God, as well as the inscription stamped with all painting program, but in the distance of plane convex difference, light air change, the west. We turn the potential of a low bank of earth between fields, Dubai, the so-called Xun, the source of every. In the future the Bo, Gongli deeper, thus resulting in a new, sincerity. The number of books, in order to confirm." Huang Binhong approved "the Qing Dynasty painting? Supplement" the biography, called him "the modern painters giant revolution". Mr. Lang Shaojun in "don’t forget the old innovation — Tao Lengyue and his painting" the article said: "he created the moonlight mood, quiet and unique colors, and China poetic and popular lattice to form interest, Lang Shining painting and other painting no fusion. The value and significance in the history of art, but also can not be replaced by any other artist." The famous Japanese scholar Tsuruta Mura said: "as long as it comes" improvement "Chinese painting on the one hand, in the painting on the Tao Lengyue merit should be incomparable…… Therefore, Tao Lengyue "new China painting", which might be called the Chinese painting improvement ahead of it." In the period of the Republic of China has been famous painter, but for various reasons, has long been buried and forgotten. In the past more than and 20 years, the study of Tsuruta Mura, Lang Shaojun, Yao Quanxing and other scholars at home and abroad are introduced, especially the art market recovery, Sotheby’s in Hongkong, Chinese guardian, Shanghai duoyunxuan and other auction companies, his works have the opportunity to meet with the audience, by understanding, acceptance, collection. Last September 19th is the one hundred and twenty anniversary of Yi Wei, my father’s birthday. That day, the Shanghai Research Institute of culture and history, held a "wonderful framing — Tao Lengyue in photo exhibition, also held a forum to commemorate. By Fudan University Professor Gu Zheng, editor of Shanghai painting and calligraphy Publishing House of the same name album was also officially released on the same day. This is my father’s photography first published and public appearances. These photos reveal to the public, not only so that people can more fully understand Tao Lengyue’s artistic life, but also to fill the lack of historical images, provided material for more study in the history of photography. Professor Gu Zheng on the album "" from the essence of photography recently "– On Tao Lengyue Photography Practice" in an article said: "the China modern painter, from photography to know and how to start their own)相关的主题文章: