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Personal-Tech In a study conducted by eMarketer, 86.6% of the respondents in the SMB category said that a website is the most effective element for their digital marketing endeavors. While in yet another study, 95% respondents believe that a good user experience just makes sense. These statistics can be considered as a pointer towards how an easy-to-use interface can enhance interaction and user activity on a website, thereby increasing its chances of success on the web. It is no surprise that a well-designed website with intuitive elements is the first step to holding the users" attention. A visually pleasing website can easily connect to a user and vice versa, but then only the design would not be enough for the users. The page layout of a site has to be such that a user feels .pelled to return to the site in the future and stay longer. This can only be possible if the design includes content or information that caters to the target audience and effectively .municates the purpose behind the website creation. Next in line are the functional elements in the website. A user won"t stay on the site if they do not find functionality and features that are unique to that particular site. An enterprise developing a website can consult with a web development California .pany to figure out the most effective approach to implementing a rich set of features on the web pages. The inclusion of essentially functional modules on a site can only be determined if the requirements have been determined prior to the coding process. Furthermore, the linked pages on the site have to have some form of consistency in terms of purpose, page layout, and content. Design and functionalities form only two parts of the equation for web success; the third most important element is the marketing process. The formulation of an effective and robust marketing plan can and is the only way to ensure that the site garners maximum attention in the market and is visible to a larger greater user base. Social media and email marketing are two of the .monest form of marketing strategies for improving customer engagement. In short, the three most essential ingredients to creating a successful website can easily be categorized as "" design, functionality and effective marketing strategies. Each of the three elements contributes a fair share towards increasing traffic on the site as well as in ensuring continued success of a website. Apart from these three elements, a few other attention-to-details would be enough to increase traffic along with user experience of the site. These would include the following checklist: Faster page load time The use of latest HTML and web technologies for developing the website Features being integrated into the site ought to focus on the prime functions of site, rather than being just extra additions. The controls on the site should facilitate smooth navigation for the users The businesses can collaborate with any of the technology partners California to ensure that the minutest details are integrated into a website, which in turn can ensure the long-term success of the website. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: