The bus driver to take a nap for 10 minutes after waking passengers and eaten up seeds quickchm

The bus driver to take a nap for 10 minutes after waking passengers and nibbling seeds from the original title: carrying passengers of a car driver also nap keguazi China Shangluo daily news (reporter Shang Luo) on November 2nd, a bus full of passengers, bound for Xi’an from Shangzhou on the bus, the driver and the nap keguazi, this scene was shot passengers under the. Shangluo Automobile Transport Corporation said it had launched an investigation. Yesterday, Wang passenger to the China Daily newspaper material, she said 2 noon from Shangluo city bus station take the bus to Xi’an, on the way to the vehicle, the driver actually playing a nap, continued more than and 10 minutes, after the driver was nibbling up seeds. In Ms. Wang taken about 1 minutes long video, you can see the vehicle on the highway, the driver is very sleepy, kept down, speed does not seem very fast. Subsequently, the China Daily reporter arrived at the Shangluo passenger station to verify the matter. "I was really sleepy, the sun is dazzling, but the consciousness is very clear." In view of the passengers shooting video, the driver said, "I have realized the mistake really took a few seeds." Yesterday, taking the transportation division responsible person responded that this thing they have in the investigation, the company has strict rules on the driver, if the driver is driving keguazi, they will be criticized and educated and let them write down guarantee; if fatigue driving, the driver will face dismissal. Editor: Joe’s SN098相关的主题文章: