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The Champions League is recommended: out of the shadow of Dortmund – Sohu   victory over the home court to stop the basement;       game time: 2016-11-03 Thursday 3:45         0.90  Dortmund asian handicap:   -1.25     Lisbon athletics 0.96;     Europe Index: 1.35 4.70 6.30             Game Analysis:   & nbsp;; early Thursday in the Champions League group phase continues to unfold, Dortmund currently have 4 consecutive league for a draw, coach Tuchel, but the coach since the first case, the cause is that the team had even in Dortmund plagued by injuries fortunately, the recovery progress is good, most of the main players has resumed training, the Champions League group phase is expected to usher in a complete lineup of Lisbon competitive status; A recent 5 games won only 1 wins 3 flat 1 negative record, but in the Champions League, the Lisbon athletics of the F group has many teams, Real Madrid and the Dortmund two strong basic already qualify, the team only from Legia Warsaw who won 3 points, qualifying the situation is not optimistic, and the devil Iduna visited the home court signal Park, Lisbon athletics to win is more sad day.             handicap interpretation:     plate for Dortmund make a ball ball half ", given the Dortmund League 4 Lianping, aocai on early ginseng reached the water shortly after the interval, had risen to high water, apparently Dortmund mechanism is currently not being seen, but the author thinks that only making deliberately bad data, after all, Dortmund are urgently needed with a victory to revive morale, and the wounded return message, most of Europe refers to the Lord – basically in 1.35 near the main victory get unanimously optimistic, the tournament victory ended but crisp behind dortmund.         3:0 4:1   score recommended:       half the recommendation: Ping Sheng     – the outcome;;     SMG Shengping Fu recommended: 3         SMG let the ball Shengping Fu (-1) recommended: 3相关的主题文章: